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Biasless titleless music playlist for you all


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It's not necessary to know the title of a music or song if it's good. It's time to have your heart and taste decide! There is every kind of music genre you would go for, from the shortest lasting to the longest lasting for each playlist.

Also starring the smexy Venus from Metal Gear Ac!d 2.

Have some soft blue-jazz

Playlist 1

Playlist 2 (gonna add some more music)

PS: Some tracks have been abridged a little to remove repetiotions of the tunes.

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I actually prefer to know the name of what I'm listening to, I think I'll give your playlists a miss. I have a feeling quite a few other people will feel the same way.

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It's not necessary to know the title of a music or song if it's good.

Thomas Edison (iirc?) thought that was true and it put him out of business!

EDIT: son of a bitch now i have to find out who it was

EDIT2: I'm almost positive it was Thomas Edison and his cylinder phonograph thingamajig. I can't find the precise bit (in a section of a human factors engineering class, about designing products for the customer rather than for yourself) but the famous guy in question figured "people shouldn't care about the song/artist name because that taints their music experience" or something and his competitor didn't think that and one of those two went out of business.

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Very confortating. It's just the homonimous level set after your name.


Integ, I spent like half an hour looking for that quote. I can't find any trace of it... Edison didn't say it to you in private did he?

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I know for a very fact I heard it - the only detail I'm unsure on is if it was Thomas Edison. What I can't remember is whether it was in the slides, the book, or just something the professor told us. I can't find it in the slides or the book :(

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