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Favourite supports?


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I am well aware this may start a ship war, but what the hell. What're your favourite supports, both romantic and otherwise.

Personally I love Yarne's support with his dad, and CherchexLon'qu.

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I like Lon'qu and Olivia's. It gives you a nice amount of insight on Basilio's relation to Lon'qu. Also, I enjoyed Basilio's and Flavia's. As for pairings, I liked Gerome and Lucina because him being Batman makes it seem so much more intense than it needs to be.

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I like a lot of the romantic supports with the future kids. Awakening's supports are weird in that to accommodate both the unlimited supports and the future kids, every relationship has to be platonic up to an A support, then go straight to marriage for S (Imagine if Hector and Florina's support was like that...). Anyway, since the future kids don't have their own continuous stream of future kids, theirs don't have to end that way, so they tend to feel more natural. I particularly like Owain and Severa's, where she just crushes him and then feels rotten about it.

I also really like Tharja and Donnel's, where he doesn't question a thing she says or does, no matter how suspect it seems. Lon'qu and Maribelle was good, and I was also surprised how much I liked his supports with Lissa. And while I haven't finished Henry and Olivia's support yet, I know from the first one that it's great, as is Henry and Sumia's.

As for non-romantic supports, I love Owain and Morgan's, and always find myself using Chrom and Vaike's.

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FeMorgan x Yarne, Brady x Inigo, Sully x Stahl, Frederick x Virion, Frederick x Lissa, Olivia x Chrom, Male Avatar x Maribelle, Female Avatar x Basilio, Gregor x Avatar, Gregor x Nowi, Lon'qu x Olivia, Male Avatar x Sully (bias aside, it's a good support), Sully x Gregor, Chrom x Frederick, Lissa x Virion, and Laurent x Gerome.

It's not technically a support conversation, but I really love Panne x Sully in Summer Scramble.

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I have too many favorites to list, so I'll just list two notable ones that I really enjoy overall.

Romantic support: Inigo x Severa

Friendship support: Owain x Male Morgan

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I enjoyed a lot of the supports I've seen so far! I can't really list a top favorite. :P So I'll just list all the ones I really like.

- Basically all of Frederick's supports (except for Sumia, though I like some of the dialogue in their S support)

- Stahl/Donnel

- Chrom x Olivia

- Henry x Sumia

- Donnel x Lissa

- Vaike x Sully

- Stahl x Cordelia

- Gregor x Tharja

- Lon'qu x Cherche

- Lon'qu x Olivia

- Inigo x Severa

- Olivia/Inigo

- Donnel/Owain

That's all I can list for now, I think...

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Chrom x Olivia

Lissa x Male Avatar

Sumia x Male Avatar

Stahl x Cordelia

Gregor x Female Avatar

Gaius x Maribelle

Lon'qu x Tharja

Virion x Nowi

Cynthia with everyone

Severa with Everyone

Inigo x Gerome

Inigo x Brady

Owain x Nah

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These are the supports I enjoyr reading again and again. My particular favourites are bolded. for the first gen: Lon'qu/Panne, Vaike/Sully, Vaike/Lissa, Henry/Lissa, Gregor/Cordelia, Frederick/Cherche, Gaius/Cherche, Stahl/Tharja, Lon'qu/Tharja, Robin/Sumia, Chrom/Sully, Virion/Olivia, Maribelle/Libra, Maribelle/Lon'qu, Frederick/Olivia, Virion/Panne, Kellam/Sully, Sully/Libra, Vaike/Cherche, Lon'qu/Nowi, Stahl/Maribelle, Miriel/Gregor, Miriel/Lon'qu, Cordelia/Kellam, Maribelle/Robin, Maribelle/Chrom, Robin/Panne, Robin/Cordelia, Gregor/Cherche, Libra/Tharja, Olivia/Libra, Olivia/Donnel, Lon'qu/Cherche, Maribelle/Henry.

Second Gen: Lucina/Yarne, Lucina/Laurent, Owain/F!Morgan, Owain/Noire, Owain/Severa, Owain/Nah, Inigo/Kjelle, Inigo/Cynthia, Brady/F!Morgan, Brady/Noire, Robin/Kjelle, F!Robin/Kjelle, Kjelle/M!Morgan, Cynthia/Gerome, Cynthia/M!Morgan, Severa/Laurent, Gerome/Noire, Nah/M!Morgan.

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