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Hi everyone!

Xator Nova

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Greetings, members of serenesforest

I'm Xator Nova.
I didn't introduce myself earlier, and I think it should be appropiate to do it.

I've been looking the forums for some time, and I've read and studied entire tier lists and character ratings threads in order to understand and learn about Fire Emblem, particularly the efficient playstyle.

Now that I've enough experience with every game in the franchise barring the TRS and Berwick games, I hope I can adapt myself in this environment and integrate myself in your community.

Favorite FEs: Thracia 776, Binding Blade, New Mystery of the Emblem, Genealogy of the Holy War

Favorite Characters: Sigurd and Milady.
Hobbies: Literature, Cinema, Videogames.

Music: Classical, Soundtracks. "Reincarnation" from Shin Megami Tensei IV is my favorite piece of music overall.

I apologize for the grammar mistakes. English isn't my native language.

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