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Ash's Crappy SF Choice Adventure!


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Hi, in this tread I will be writing a story. The twist being that what the main character does at certain points will be up to you guys. Hope you guys have enough fun. I am not exactly the best writer. Makaze even fixed this part up for me. It was a huge mess before, thanks man.

NOTE: Go as crazy as you want with suggestions. I'd like them to at least make some sense though.


You toss and turn in your bed, then suddenly shoot up. "Agh, damn... What a nightmare." You rub your eyes and take a quick glance to the window. It is already daybreak. It is pointless to sleep in. You get up from your bed.
After a short stretch, you are on your way to do your usual morning rituals. You use the Inn's private waterfall for a quick shower and put on the armor you just got. Satisfied with your chores, you head down for breakfast. Other than the Innkeeper, you appear to of been the first down.
"Oh, you're up early. Good Morning," the Innkeeper says.
"Mornin' Forbes. Sleep well last night?"
"Yes, I did. From your attitude I'd assume you did as well?"
"Yeah... pretty much. Anyways, what's today's breakfast?"
"Oh, you know. Just the usual, please take a seat. I'll go get it ready."
You nod to him before going over to the dinning room. You settle on a nice, quiet seat near the window. For a while, your eyes simply wander around, watching the various on-goings of the small town just outside. You enjoy the small moment of peace, a far cry to your usual mornings. It does not last long. You begin to hear footsteps above you. You suspect your friends are getting ready themselves.
You have a few minutes until breakfast is ready. You ponder to yourself quietly over if you really should just stay put the whole time...
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Well, I was goin' to just put choices at the top... but now I will not. Things seem like they'll get interesting. Go as crazy as you want, I'd like it to at least make some sense though.

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