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Issues downloading Nightmare


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So I've downloaded both the nightmare program folders from FEShrine and they seem to include everything but the nightmare program itself. At this moment, I thought it was possible Norton removed it as it could believe it's a threat but then I realized there was not any sort of pop-up like there usually is for any "sketchy" file. I even tried to put the nightmare names into the auto-protect section which should of prevented them from being deleted(if it was). I redownloaded and reextracted the file numerous times, still no nightmare.exe. No new results and I'm completely confused on what to do next to solve this issue. Is there any potential methods that I could be missing?

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For "Nightmare Original Program"

The executable's right there. Not sure why you aren't able to find this but I suppose you could try this direct link to the executable

For "Nightmare 2.0"

Look in the dist folder. The executable you want is a .jar file which you can open up if you have Java installed and if you can't open it by double clicking, try opening it in command prompt with

java -jar appname.jar

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Alright thanks for the direct .exe link. It gave proof that Norton did remove it because they labeled it as "WS.Reputation.1" which literally means "We don't have enough info on this, therefore we don't like it." So I went ahead and quarantined the file so this should hopefully prevent any further issues.

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