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Let's Challenge: DLC only playthrough


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Hello there. Since no one in the other forums where I am active wants to try this out, I though I will probably find someone here. If you have a topic regarding challenges for the game, I am sorry to post this topic.

Anyway, back in the day when the game was still new and I was still playing through the game in hard classic some of the people who where faster tried to beat the game using only DLC characters (well, and Chrom/MU, because they are required and many/all missions). Back then this was of course much harder because you didn't have access to all SpotPass characters.

So, I would like to do this challenge now. And I would like it if someone joins me in this playthrough. So, what is allowed and what isn't?

- The challenge is played in Hard Classic mode. If a DLC character dies you are not allowed to recruit that character again. If you want to play lunatic, good luck with that. You will probably be unable to recruit anyone without grinding excessivly before you do that. This brings us to the next point...

- You may choose one of two playstyles.

-- First: Only Chrom and MU are allowed as well as all DLC characters. You are not allowed to use any other character except for the first few chapters (until you are able to summon SpotPass characters). If you choose this one you also have to recruit all characters using only Chrom and MU (which will render a lunatic challenge pretty much impossible unless you grind both to level 20 - and that will make the main storyline pretty much too easy).

-- Second: During the main storyline, you are only allowed to use Chrom and MU. However, in order to recruit DLC characters you are only allowed to use all other "normal" characters (so no Chrom/MU/DLC chars for recruiting). You are allowed to grind with this team as much as you like, but you still shouldn't grind to level 20 and start to recruit low level pre promotes for chapter 4. You should still play normally, this grinding is more of a workaround for people who would try this challenge on lunatic mode. I will choose this one. And let's just say, it was already a pain in the ass to recruit Mist.

- Grinding in general for all other characters is not allowed unless totally necessary, in which case you are allowed to do a normal skirmish or two with you normal team (which you would probably do from time to time during a normal playthrough anyway). There is however one exception: If you start the game and recruit a new character you are allowed to level this charater to bring him up to the necessary level. Mist for example starts out as a level 1 healer, where as Lissa will probably be around level 5 by chapter 4. So you would be allowed to level Mist until she reaches said level. Just don't overdo it, I will try myself to only grind if it is really necessary (like the Mist example or if I am really stuck in a chapter during the main story).

- Don't recruit and then use characters who vastly overlevel the main storyline. This affects mainly the first few chapters, because you only have access to a few low level (1-5) units and you probably won't fill up your whole team. If you have a few characters that outlevel your enemies that's fine, but please don't start to recruit level 10+ units to deploy them at chapter 4. Most of your team will probably be around level 3-7 by this point, so just try to have a party with an average level, just like a normal playthrough, okay?

So, that's pretty much it. Any suggestions? Someone wants to join me? I haven't really seen anyone try this out, but then again, if you google "DLC challenge" you just find stuff regarding the DLCs and not something like this.

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Challange? Get Pr. Marth and Micaiah and you're good. Shadowgift easily trivializes maps, and Marth has crazy growths from Aptitude and is easy to get, which means he never actually slows down.

By the time you get DLC Seliph, it becomes easier due to Paragon. Plus the kid has Galeforce.

Is getting Est from the logbook allowed? Or will she still function as, well, an Est?

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I actually haven't really used any of the DLC chars before, so I have no idea which one of them is totally broken. xD

And as for recruiting, just summon the character on the map and beat them or play the DLC Map that allows you to get the card.

But I still think this makes the game harder, even if it is only because of the missing/lower support bonus you receive.

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I have now beaten chapter 4 with only 5 units (Chrom, MU, Edward, Nanna and Mist). Actually had to restart because I only have crap gear and Edward had to use a Bronze Sword (well, and a Glass Sword, at least he could one round a fighter in the first round). I now have also recruited Fee and Wolt and done Golden Gaffe once to get some money, because I don't have enough to buy more items. Maybe I try to recruit Eirika or Florina and then start C5 or I just go and do C5 now. Maybe I also do the Donnel side quest before.

But yeah, missing Supports does make the game indeed quite a bit harder as well as having only a few classes (healer, archer, pegasi and myrmidon) at the beginning. All other units/classes are to strong at the moment (next would be level 7 - yeah no, not yet, maybe after side quest 1 or C5).

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Oh look the Planeswalker run.

The rules for that were a bit fiercer and it was still pretty easy overall.

[spoiler=Planeswalker Run Rules]

Difficulty: Hard or higher

Secondary: Classic

Male MU, or FeMU who cannot marry Chrom.

The run's other rules do not go into effect until Chapter 3 is cleared, but are in full effect afterward.


-Any non-Einherjar Character besides Chrom. MU is forced in 23, but must be unequipped. THIS RULE IS IN FULL IMMEDIATE EFFECT FOLLOWING CHAPTER 3. You are trimmed down to 1 character as soon as Chapter 3 is finished.

-Leif's Blade, Despoil Skill, Reeking Boxes. Fighting Einherjar for any reason besides recruitment.

-Renown Awards.

-Bonus Items.

-Gold Pack DLCs, save for Infinite Regalia, which has two conditions: 1. You may NOT loot the chests. 2. You must discard the Silver Card.

"Gold is your mana, Planeswalker. Summon your creatures wisely."

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