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lol us in the chat talking about.....


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<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> john mc cain is so fake

<emeraldfox_09> Oh!


<@AngelOfDeath> The presidents suck

<Noremac> OH HELL NO

<Desdemona> YEAH

<emeraldfox_09> Umm.... Fireman?

<@AngelOfDeath> I wanted Hilary Clinton, but even then, she sucks

<Fireman> yeah? =D

<@AngelOfDeath> FIREMAN ISN'T GAY EF09

<Piemanmj> I've had a really good time writing recently o.O

<emeraldfox_09> Ok..

<Noremac> lol, my friend is at the republican's convintion

<Piemanmj> I usually take 5 hours at them

<emeraldfox_09> How are you doing on my mug? :3?

<Fireman> fine, so far...

<Piemanmj> I should go to the Green Party convention.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> if he geys elected that will bring some big conflicts

<emeraldfox_09> Cool.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> gets**

<Piemanmj> I want to see who Ralph Nader picks as his VP

<Noremac> well if obama gets elected it will bring even more

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> globaly

<Wil> There's always impeachment.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> but if obama get in it will be less

<Noremac> or assainatioon

<Noremac> nope, not less

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> hes gonna die no dobt

<Wil> Anyways, whoever is elected will create some sort of uproar.

<Noremac> more

<Piemanmj> YES, KKK, K?

* Fireman hides his knives

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> hes not gonna fininish his term

<emeraldfox_09> ?

<Noremac> he could live forever, you may never know

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> our alies dont like bush

<Noremac> nobody does

<Noremac> the president is just a scapegoat

<Noremac> the congress make most of the desishins

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> so that wont make them happy

<Wil> The allies have no choice but to accept them because it's not them who decides, it's the people of our country.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> its jsut not the momnet in time to have mc cain as president or obama

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> u know

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> imo

<emeraldfox_09> What will happen if I click on one of your names?

<Noremac> im not saying either is good but mccain is the lesser of two evils

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> if a another war stars thats it its over

<Wil> It opens up a Query.

<emeraldfox_09> Oh. Ok.

<Piemanmj> I wonder if there will be a Woman assassin..

<Wil> Believe it or not, there are more women serial killers than men.

<Piemanmj> Lol if just because she wants Palin as prez.

<Noremac> america has the most nukes than any other country

<Noremac> more*

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> yea

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> u wanna get nuked

<Noremac> nope

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> then

<Wil> America has more everything, except poverty and gas.

* Piemanmj is now known as Fanboy_Pie

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> lol


<Noremac> true, not you pie

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> i think china will fall soon and it will all hit the fan

<Wil> China has been growing at an exponential rate.

<Fanboy_Pie> China will eat more food and become moar powerfuls.

<Wil> I wouldn't say they'd fall so easily.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> hyper inflation

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> hyper inflation

<Wil> They also have more workers.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> thats all they need to screw them

<Noremac> china is like terrible

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> and there on the brink

* Fanboy_Pie is now known as Inflation_Fanboy_Corruption

<@AngelOfDeath> Today's a failure

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> there growing too quick

<Inflation_Fanboy_Corruption> Yaay...

<@AngelOfDeath> 100 or so degress right now

<Desdemona> D:

<@AngelOfDeath> I haven't started my homework

<@AngelOfDeath> And I've had 4 cans of sodas

<Desdemona> Wow

<Wil> I don't think any of us have started, Angel.

<Inflation_Fanboy_Corruption> I liek procrastinating on drawing.

<Sigrun_Fanboy_Doom> i think china will fall soon and bad things will follow

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