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(REQUEST) Fire Emblem Gaiden modules


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Hi there, so I have been hacking FE2 with the few modules I have and I would like to ask whether these 2 modules exist, specifically:

I need modules on a custom spell set editor(so Alm can learn some spells and Robin can learn something other than just Excalibur) and a drop rate editor, so that angel rings could be dropped at a 1/128 rate instead of 1/9001 rate for example.

Does such modules exist, or do I have to request for someone to make said modules?


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why are you hacking an out dated game like that, I wouldn't play it, hack fe7 there is a lot of info on that one.

Some people don't know that we have opinions you know... :dry:

Gaiden has world map and typical western RPG content and I want to use the unused content (i.e.: Gaia spell, Naga class, Spell editing, Learn spells as you level up etc.)

I just hate FE7, it's so overrated. There are way too many people that play FE7's hacks so I don't want my hack to be lost among other masterpieces.

I would

Thanks! :):

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