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Hi everybody I'm Odyssey! I've been playing Fire Emblem ever since the western release of FE7 and I usually end up here whenever I would look up stat growths/hidden treasure etc.

I've beaten FE6-10 & 13 and the Tellius series would have to be my favorite FE games. I'm not sure why it took me 8 years to join seeing as I grew up playing the series...but I'm here now!

But yea thought I should atleast introduce myself and contribute to the site a bit that's all. :^_^:

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If you're into RPs, you should totally follow Tower of Demons hue.

That shameless plug-in, though. Even if it I was *this* close to signing up <_< Have fun with it, at least

Welcome to Serenes Forest. Don't get lost and enjoy your stay!

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