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3 we spend one Week on Rapier.

One week on Saber.


Your so lucky...where I live, there isn't a place where I can learn any form of sword fighting.

Tell me how things get on, once you get started!

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Guns are for Pussies.

I agree, gun is not the best way to defend or fight someone, for obvious reason.

From Martial arts, I have learnt how to block human energy or chi, using quick jabs, much safer way to defend yourself.

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gewd luck with your training young one XP

I'd rather create my own sword style stolen from videogames.

if all else fails use the konami code (u,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,b,a(sadly its in my head all day)), then you shall have all the power-ups in your sword =D

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