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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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I am still waiting on customs to give me my cards (been sitting in NY since March 21).

If it takes much longer, you may wish to contact the USPS. My S3 boxes (I think, might have been S2) also sat in customs in NYC for an unreasonably long amount of time so I filled out the contact form and suddenly the next day they were delivered.

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+1 Kyokko

+1 Omegaweapon

+1 fruits_punchsamurai


HN B01-020 (Low priority)

SR+ B01-080 Tharja (High priority)

HN B02-002 Corrin (M) (Low priority)

SR+ B02-006 Ryoma (Low priority)

SR B02-010 Takumi (Low priority)

SR+ B02-051 Corrin (F) (High priority)

SR+ B02-056 Xander (Low priority)

SR B02-062 Elise (Low priority)

SR+ B03-001 Ike (Medium priority)

SR B03-004 Elincia (High priority)

SR B03-010 Soren (High priority)

SR+ B03-021 Mia (Medium priority)
SR+ B03-047 Black Knight (Medium priority)

SR B03-051 Corrin (F) (Low priority)
SR B03-076 Corrin (M) (Low priority)

SR+ B04-018 Marth (Medium priority)

R+ B04-031 Sirius (Medium priority)

SR B04-036 Minerva (Medium priority)

SR B04-044 Hardin (Medium priority)

SR B04-046 Hardin (Medium priority)

R+ B04-047 Michalis (Medium priority)

R+ B04-092 Cynthia (Medium priority)

Marker cards for Corrin (M/F), Marth, Lucina, Azura, Felicia, Jakob, and any of the C89 marker cards.

I have:

Series 1

SR B01-001 Marth

SR B01-051 Chrom

All Rare

B01-057 Robin (F)

B01-059 Lissa

B01-070 Lon'qu

B01-097 Inigo

Series 2

SR B02-001 Corrin (M)

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua
B02-014 Saizou
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-028 Oboro
B02-043 Gurei
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-054 Aqua

B02-064 Lazward
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna

B02-072 Odin
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-001 Ike
SR B03-021 Mia
SR B03-047 Black Knight
SR B03-085 Flora

R+ B03-036 Jill

All Rare (I have at least 3 copies of each)

B03-025 Marcia
B03-032 Nephenne
B03-043 Tibarn
B03-044 Naesala
B03-045 Reyson
B03-062 Kanna (M)
B03-069 Mitama
B03-083 Silas
B03-086 Kanna (F)
B03-091 Eponine

Series 4

SR B04-001 Tsubasa

R B04-009 Mamori

R B04-013 Navarre

R B04-055 Kiria

SR B04-065 Robin (M)


P03-010 Camilla (Christmas)

P03-014 Soren

Other stuff:
Since my brother and I got copies of the Fates Special edition and we don't see the point of having two art books, one of the art books is up for trade.

Got an extra copy of the FE 25th anniversary concert DVD. Its sealed so it will come with the Marth promo card.

Also have various N/HN cards for sale. Ask and I'll double check to let you know if I have it! Selling Ns for $0.20 each and HN for $0.25 each or 6 for $1 regardless of N/HN. I'm pricing Rs at $3 each or 5 for $10.

Got one extra copy of the magazine the Soren promo came in. You'll get the magazine and two promos if you are want to trade/buy it. Or you can just trade for the promos.

Looking for two copies of the poster that came in the Nintendo Dream magazine that held P4 Marth.

Also have a couple of sleeves I'd like to trade for other sleeves or cards.

x1 PoR Promo sleeve from booster box

x4 Awakening Promo sleeve from booster box

x2 Corrin (M) sleeves

x3 Nohr Promo sleeves from booster box

x2 Tharja character sleeves

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Wow my last post got buried in only a few days.

Updating my sale list

4/8: Updated with Ellicia SR, Leanne R, and Set 4 Marth PR

For Sale:

Fire Emblem Artworks II from C89 $35

Set 1
Marth SR 1x
Marth P01-013PR 1x
Gaius SR 1x
Owain SR 1x
Cordelia P01-009PR 4x
Sumia R 4x
Cherche R 3x
Palla R 1x
Est R 1x
Inigo R 3x

Set 2
Jacob SR 2x

Oboro R 2x
Tsubaki R 2x
Matoi R 4x
Grey R 2x
Lazward R 1x
Soleil R 2x

Set 3

Mia SR 4x

Ellincia 2x
Aqua W SR 1x
Flora SR 1x
Suzukaze SR 1x
Ike SR 1x
Black Knight SR 3x
Silas R 4x
Eponine R 2x
Velour R 1x
Nephenee R+ 1x
Mitaka R 4x
Kinu R 2x

Leanne 3x
Jill R 2x
Ranulf R 2x
Tibarn R 2x
Naesala R 2x
Reyson R 2x

Set 4

Nintendo Dream Marth PR 2x (Sealed)

Dengeki Nintendo Lucina PR 2x (Sealed)

Tsubasa SR 2x
Hardin SR 2x
Itsuki SR 2x
Lon qu SR 1x
Michalis R 1x
Hardin R 1x
Feena R 4x
Yashiro R 4x
Merric R 4x
Inigo R 2x
Owain R 3x
Gaius R 2x

Dollar Rares
Lon' Qu
Aqua B&W
Kanna B&W
Say ri

PM if interested!

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It's been a while since I posted here! I'm sorry to everyone whose PMs I never responded to. I'll get on that right away.

Anyways, I'm missing these:

B01-046SR Tiki

B01-075SR Cordelia

B04-018SR Marth*

B04-029R Julian*

B04-031R Sirius*

B04-047R Michalis*

B04-048SR Nyna*

B04-051SR Itsuki

B04-063SR Lucina

B04-072SR Cordelia

B04-088 Inigo*

B04-092R Cynthia*

B04-094SR Severa

and the HNX Tiki

I've put * beside the ones I want most.

I mostly prefer buying. I live in Canada.

I can trade:

B01-070R Lon'qu

B02-004R Azura (x2)

B02-024R Oboro (x2)

B02-026R Hana (x2)

B02-064R Laslow (x3)

B02-072R Odin (x3)

B02-095R Soleil

B03-072R Selkie

B04-013R that edgelord Navarre dude

Oh! I should also mention the SR I got in S4. I pulled a Lon'qu, but I don't really like Lon'qu. I might be willing to trade him for a SR on my list, if anyone's interested.

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Hello, I'm from Mexico, but traveling to the US. I have the next cards on sale :

Prices :

N/HN : $.20

R : $2 USD

R+ : $4

Promo : $3.5

Promo Booster : $4.5

Promo Foil : $4

I have multiple of most N/HN ones. I leave here a link with the pictures of everything I have. https://imgur.com/a/2GLgX

The promotional boosters are from set 2 and 3. Set 2 contains the dragon card + a random promo one, and set 3 contains the Black Knight + a random promo card.

Also, I'm willing to offer discounts on bulk orders.

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So close to filling the remaining holes in my series collection! All R/SR cards have been immediately sleeved straight from the booster packs. If anyone's interested in trading/buying any of what I have available, I'm only able to ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Each card(s) will be shipped out without tracking by default.

N=$.20 USD / HN= $40 USD <--- I have just about every N/HN that came from each series' booster box.

R=$2 - 3 USD on most cards

SR=$10-15 USD on most cards

1 Series Sleeve=See below

1 Series Sleeve Pack=See below

Series 1 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B01-007 R Cain x2
  • B01-009 R Abel x2
  • B01-022 SR Navarre x2
  • B01-028 R Malik x2
  • B01-030 R Minerva x2
  • B01-035 R Linda x2
  • B01-038 R Paola x2
  • B01-040 R Catria x2
  • B01-042 R Est x3
  • B01-050 SR Camus
  • B01-057 R Robin x3
  • B01-059 R Lissa
  • B01-068 R Sumia x3
  • B01-070 R Lonqu
  • B01-073 SR Gaius x1
  • B01-078 R Nowi
  • B01-083 R Olivia x3
  • B01-084 R Cherche x3
  • B01-097 R Inigo

Series 2 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B02-004 R Aqua x3
  • B02-006 SR Ryoma
  • B02-008 SR Hinoka x1
  • B02-012 SR Sakura
  • B02-014 R Saizo x2
  • B02-024 R Oboro x3
  • B02-026 R Hana x2
  • B02-028 R Tsubaki x2
  • B02-030 SR Felicia
  • B02-043 R Asugi x3
  • B02-045 R Caeldori x3
  • B02-047 R Rhajat x3
  • B02-054 R Aqua x3
  • B02-056 SR Xander
  • B02-064 R Laslow x4
  • B02-066 R Peri x3
  • B02-070 R Selena x2
  • B02-072 R Odin x2
  • B02-093 R Forrest x3
  • B02-095 R Soleil x3
  • B02-097 R Ophelia x3

Series 3 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B03-032 R Nephenee
  • B03-036 R Jill
  • B03-040 R Ranulf
  • B03-045 R Reyson
  • B03-072 R Selkie
  • B03-091 R Nina x2

Series 4 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B04-005 SR Toma x2
  • B04-009 R Mamori x4
  • B04-013 R Tsurugi x3
  • B04-029 R Julian
  • B04-031 R Sirius
  • B04-035 R Fina x3
  • B04-038 R Malik x3
  • B04-047 R Misheiru
  • B04-055 R Kiria x3
  • B04-059 R Eleonora x2
  • B04-076 R Say'ri x2
  • B04-083 R Morgan x2
  • B04-085 R Owain x3
  • B04-087 R Inigo x2

Promo Cards I Have On-Hand

  • P01-001 PR Kamui x2 (sealed)
  • P02-001 PR Ike (sealed)
  • P02-002 PR Kamui f x2 (sealed)
  • P02-011 PR Hinoka

Series Sleeve Packs I Have On-Hand

  • S4 Lucina Opened x1 (< 15 sleeves) - $.25 ea
  • S4 Severa Opened x1 (< 20 sleeves) - $.25 ea; S4 Severa Sealed x1 - $10 ea (not including shipping)
  • S4 Tsubasa Opened x1 (< 20 sleeves) - $.25 ea
  • S2 Kamui M Opened x1 (< 25 sleeves) - $.20 ea

What I'm looking to trade for (Finishing my SR sets take priority over other cards/promos/sales with exceptions seen below)

Series 2

  • B02-062 SR or SR+ Elise (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)


  • Marth FE01 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
  • Kamui f FE10 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Series 1

  • P01-005 - Chrom
  • P01-006 - Jeigan
  • P01-007 - Rif
  • P01-008 - Minerva
  • P01-009 - Cordelia
  • P01-010 - Tharja
  • P01-011 - Tiki
  • P01-012 - Marth (Concert)
  • P01-014 - Lucina (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Series 2

  • P02-003 - Bantu
  • P02-004 - Panne
  • P02-005 - Hinoka
  • P02-006 - Sakura
  • P02-007 - Kamui
  • P02-008 - Aqua

Magazine Exclusives

  • P02-009 - Kamui (M) (Willing to buy if priced reasonably)

Promo Set 3

  • P03-005 - Ike
  • P03-006 - Camilla
  • P03-007 - Elise
  • P03-008 - Felicia

Genei Hen Fortissimo Exclusive

  • P03-009 - Tsubasa (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

C89 Player's Box Exclusive

  • P03-012 - Elise (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Tourney Exclusives

  • P03-015 - Aqua Hoshido (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
  • P03-016 - Aqua Nohr (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Set 4

  • P04-003 - Matthis
  • P04-004 - Miriel
  • P04-005 - Tsubasa
  • P04-006 - Catria, Est, Palla
  • P04-007 - Itsuki
  • P04-008 - TBA
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So i just got my hands on the Series 4 booster and another Series 1 booster. I am selling all my cards related to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (including a rare autographed card). Will be getting a series 3 booster next. Feel free to send me any offers if wanting to do so.

[spoiler=What I'm Trading/Selling]

Series 1:

B01-060N - Sprightly Cleric, Lissa x 1

Series 3:

B03-048HN - Teacher of Shadows, Shade x 1

B03-049HN - Fresh Falcon, Emma x 1

Series 4:

B04-001SR - The Golden Idol, Tsubasa Oribe x 1

B04-002N - All-Out Idol, Tsubasa Oribe x 2

B04-003HN - Dreaming Schoolgirl, Tsubasa Oribe x 2

B04-004N - Mystical Pegasus Knight, Caeda x 2

B04-006N - Brilliant Pitchhitter, Toma Akagi x 2

B04-007HN - Extraordinary Extra, Toma Akagi x 2

B04-008N - The Phantom Lionheart, Cain x 2

B04-009R - The People's Imouto, Mamori Minamoto x 2*

B04-010N - Charming Courage, Mamori Minamoto x 2

B04-011HN - Microwave Idol♪, Mamori Minamoto x 1

B04-012N - Short and Stout Mirage, Draug x 2

B04-013R - The Best of the Best, Yashiro Tsurugi x 1

B04-014N - The Man Who Knows Our Bonds, Yashiro Tsurugi x 2

B04-015HN - Steelborn Heart, Yashiro Tsurugi x 1

B04-016N - Crimson Silence, Navarre x 2

B04-017HN - Ethereal Folkaloid, Tiki x 1

B04-051SR - The Right Stuff, Itsuki Aoi x1

B04-052N - Apprentice Entertainer, Itsuki Aoi x 3

B04-053HN - Normal Kid, Itsuki Aoi x 1

B04-054N - Neophyte Phantom Prince, Chrom x 3

B04-055R - Cool or Cutesy?, Kiria Kurono x 1

B04-056N - Cool Beauty, Kiria Kurono x 3

B04-057HN - Charismatic Singer, Kiria Kurono x 1

B04-058N - Mirage of Darkness, Tharja x 2

B04-059R - Precious Actress, Eleonora Yumizuru x 1

B04-060N - Forceful Heroine, Eleonora Yumizuru x 2

B04-061N - Ambitious Young Actress, Eleonora Yumizuru x 1

B04-062HN - Magnificent Mirage Archer, Virion x 2

B04-099HN - The Sometimes Dark Flier, Emma x 2

B04-100HN - The Inviting Hand of Darkness, Shade x 2

Promo/Bonus Cards:

P03-001PR - Normal Kid, Itsuki Aoi (Series 3 Promo, Sealed in packaging)

P01-001PR - Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin (Male) (Series 1 Promo, Sealed in packaging)

*SIGNED HOLO CARD (VERY RARE) - B04-009R(+) - The People's Imouto, Mamori Minamoto (Was immediately placed in a card seal upon discovery)

(I also have a signed holo B01-057R(+) - Exalted Strategist, Robin (Female). If you are interested in this card then let me know)

[spoiler=What I'm Looking For]

Series 1:

Bold = High Priority

B01-001SR - Savior of Archanea, Marth

B01-016SR - War-God of Talys, Ogma

B01-046SR - Manakete Princess, Tiki

B01-091SR - Chosen Warrior of Hope, Owain

Series 3 (low priority - might be covered in my next booster purchase):

B03-001SR - General of the Divine Blade, Ike

S05-004SR - Wings Praying for Restoration, Elincia

B03-006SR - Vestal of Order, Mist

B03-010SR - Windswept Votive, Soren

B03-036R - Determined Wyvern Rider, Jill

B03-045R - Prince of Serenes, Reyson

B03-046R - Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne

B03-051SR - Divine Dragon of Embers, Corrin

B03-058SR - Leeward Shinobi, Kaze

B03-076SR - Zenith of Ashes, Corrin

B03-078SR - Diva of Dusk, Azura

Series 4 (higher priority - not too keen on buying more boosters from this series):

B04-063SR - Iris of Destiny, Lucina

B04-067SR - Scourge of Ferox, Lon'qu

B04-072SR - Pure Genius, Cordelia

B04-076R - Sword Princess of the Resistance, Say'ri

B04-085R - The Chosen One, Owain

B04-087R - Bringer of Smiles, Inigo

B04-094SR - Sordid Romantic, Severa

B04-036SR - Sunset Ruby Princess, Minerva

B04-038R - Successor of the Sacred Magic, Merric

B04-044SR - Dark Emperor, Hardin

B04-045R - Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin

B04-048SR - Saint of National Salvation, Nyna


P01-005PR - Prince of Just Convictions, Chrom

P01-007PR - Healing Hero, Wrys

P01-009PR - Platonic Pegasus Knight, Cordelia

P01-013PR - Stoic Prince, Marth

P01-015PR - Enigmatic Tactician, Robin (Male)

P02-003PR - Watchdog of the Dragon Princess, Bantu

P02-004PR - Noble Beast Warrior, Panne

P03-003PR - Duke Tanas, Oliver (currently on its way)

P03-004PR - Legend of the Four Riders, Black Knight (currently on its way)

P03-013PR - Princess of the Lost Kingdom, Elincia

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Looks like everyone is updating. Here's my updated list.

As of right now, cards that I have to trade/sell are:

I have my N and HN cards on eBay, but if anyone here are interested in any of them, I'll do:

6 N cards for $1

4 HN cards for $1

Link to list of N: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281986420466?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Link to list of HN: http://www.ebay.com/itm/281986419369?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Series 1:

B01-001SR Marth

B01-007R Cain x2

B01-009R Abel

B01-022SR Navarre

B01-030R Minerva

B01-059R Lissa

B01-068R Sumia

B01-070R Lon'qu

B01-083R Olivia

B01-084R Cherche

Series 3:
B03-025R Marcia
B03-036R Jill
B03-040R Ranulf x2
B03-044R Naesala x2
B03-062R Kana (m)
B03-083R Silas
B03-095R Velour

P01-001PR Corrin (m)

P02-003PR Bantu
P02-004PR Panne

P03-013PR Elincia
P03-017PR Azura

Cards I want:

Series 1:
B01-001SR+ Marth
B01-004SR+ Shiida
B01-022SR+ Navarre
B01-030R+ Minerva
B01-038R+ Palla
B01-042R+ Est
B01-051SR+ Chrom
B01-054SR+ Lucina
B01-057R+ Robin (f)
B01-059R+ Lissa
B01-075SR Cordelia
B01-080SR+ Tharja
B01-097R+ Inigo

Series 2:
B02-001SR+ Corrin (m)
B02-004R+ Azura
B02-006SR+ Ryoma
B02-010SR Takumi (Pending)
B02-012SR+ Sakura
B02-014R+ Saizo
B02-026R+ Hana
B02-028R+ Subaki
B02-030SR Felicia (Pending)
B02-051SR+ Corrin (f)
B02-054R+ Azura
B02-056SR+ Xander
B02-058SR Camilla
B02-060SR Leo
B02-062SR Elise
B02-062SR+ Elise
B02-080SR Jakob
B02-093R+ Forrest
B02-095R+ Soleil
B02-097R+ Ophelia

Series 3:
B03-001SR+ Ike
B03-004SR Elincia
B03-006SR Mist
B03-010SR Soren
B03-021SR+ Mia
B03-043R+ Tibarn
B03-044R+ Naesala (Pending)
B03-047SR+ Black Knight
B03-053SR+ Azura
B03-069R+ Mitama
B03-072R+ Selkie
B03-078SR+ Azura
B03-085SR+ Flora
B03-091R+ Eponie
B03-091R+ Velour

Series 4:
B04-001SR+ Oribe
B04-005SR+ Toma
B04-018SR+ Marth
B04-051SR+ Aoi
B04-063SR+ Lucina
B04-065SR+ Robin (m)
B04-072SR Cordelia
B04-83R+ Morgan (f)
B04-092R+ Cynthia

P01-003PR Marth
P01-005PR Chrom
P03-011PR Sakura
P03-012PR Elise

P04-003PR Matthis (sp?)

P04-004PR Miriel

P04-005PR Tsubasa

P04-006PR Catria

P04-007PR Aoi

P04-008PR Severa

P04-009PR Marth

P04-010PR Lucina


Comiket 89 Boxes - both types

FE0 art book volume III

Starter packs (all except #FE)

Pixel 25th Anniversary Sleeves

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I've decided to start trading overseas (again)?

Just remember that I'm shipping from Australia and that shipping may cost a bit.

So I've updated my list since last time. Put it all in a Document.


Have fun reading it :p

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What I Want


Series 2:

B02-006SR - Ryoma

B02-008SR - Hinoka

B02-012SR - Sakura (pending)

Both Starter Decks

Series 3:

Starter deck

Series 4:

Starter Deck


P01-003PR - Marth

P01-012PR - Marth

P01-013PR - Marth (pending)

What I Have

[spoiler=Series 1]
B01-050SR - Camus

B01-080SR - Tharja

B01-007R - Cain x2

B01-009R - Abel x2

B01-028R - Merric x2

B01-030R - Minerva

B01-035R - Linde x2
B01-038R - Palla
B01-040R - Catria x2

B01-042R - Est

B01-057R - Robin

B01-059R - Lissa

B01-068R - Sumia

B01-070R - Lon'qu

B01-083R - Olivia

B01-097R - Inigo x2

[spoiler=Series 2]

B02-030SR - Felicia

B02-060SR - Leo

B02-080SR - Jakob

B02-004R - Aqua x2

B02-014R - Saizo x2

B02-024R - Oboro x2

B02-026R - Hana x2

B02-028R - Subaki x2

B02-043R - Asugi

B02-045R - Matoi x2

B02-047R - Rhajat

B02-054R - Aqua x2

B02-064R - Laslow

B02-066R - Peri

B02-072R - Odin x2

B02-093R - Forrest x2

B02-097R - Ophelia

[spoiler=Series 3]

3 Booster boxes on the way, will update with pulls.

[spoiler=Series 4]

B04-005SR - Toma

B04-065SR - Robin

B04-009R - Mamori

B04-013R - Yashiro

B04-029R - Julian x2

B04-031R - Sirius x2

B04-035R - Feena

B04-038R - Merric

B04-045R - Hardin

B04-047R - Michalis x2

B04-055R - Kiria

B04-070R - Gaius x2

B04-076R - Say'ri

B04-085R - Owain x2

B04-087R - Inigo x2

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My series 4 cards finally came in! Also, for those curious, our of 5 boxes I got 2 regular tiki and 3 of the hidden tiki (I got 1 a box, so at first I though I was not going to get a regular NH tiki)

I've updated my list and moved it here

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