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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+ 1 to oh.glory

Many thanks!!

Updated with some new series 8 cards for trade/sale. 

Wants List :


Series 8

  • SR+ Frederick
  • SR+ Aversa
  • SR+ Julia
  • SR+ Shannan
  • R+ Tiki
  • R+ Larcei
  • R+ Febail
  • R+ Tinni

Series 7 

  • SR+ Sakura (Most Wanted)
  • SR+ Hector 
  • SR+ Eliwood
  • R+ Florina (Most Wanted)

Series 6

  • SR+ Sigurd
  • SR+ Elise (Most Wanted)
  • R+ Ethlyn 
  • R Effie

Series 5

  • SR+ Lilina (Most Wanted)
  • SR+ Sanaki
  • SR+ Narcian
  • R Shanna

Promotional Cards & Marker Card

  • NIL

Trading/Selling List :


Series 1

  • Cain R X 2
  • Abel R X 1 

Series 3 

  • Jill R x 2

Series 4 

  • R+ Michalis X 1
  • R Yumizuru X 1
  • R Eleanora X 3
  • R Morimoto X 1
  • R Yahiro X 1
  • R Julian X 1
  • R Feena X 1

Series 7

  • Xander SR X 1
  • Silas R X 1
  • Raven R X 1
  • Lucius R x 1

Series 8 

  • Risen Chrom SR X 1
  • Arvis R X 1
  • Ares R X 1

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 7 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional/Marker Cards

  • PR01-13 V-jump Marth x 1
  • PR04-09 Marth X1
  • PR04-10 Lucina X 1
  • Sigard PR X 1 (Nintendo Dream)
  • Ryoma, hana, setsuna, oboro marker card set. 
  • Lucina Comiket 91 Marker Card

Sleeve Packs (Looking to trade for other sleeve packs/cards I need)

  • C89 Female Character Sleeves (Loose Sleeves)
  • C89 Male Character Sleeves (Loose Sleeves)
  • Comiket 89 Pixel Sleeves (Both Versions)
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+1 to ChibiToastExplosion, as always really nice to deal with and very fast responses and shipping :D

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spelling error <_<"
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+2 Aquantis

+1 ChibiToastExplosion - very friendly and good packaging!

+1 Zero

+1 Gonzak

+1 TheBlackKnightRules

Updated post after some trades/sales. Also last before set 9 release.

Want List:


B02-062 SR+ Elise (High Priority)

B03-021 SR+ Mia (High Priority)
B05-048 SR+ Narcian (Mid Priority)

B08-001 SR+ Exalt Chrom (Mid Priority)

B08-009 SR+ Frederick (Low Priority)

Have List

Series 2


B02-030 SR Felicia
B02-024 R Oboro
B02-028 R Tsubaki (x2)
B02-043 R Gurei
B02-045 R Matoi
B02-095 R Soleil
P02-002 PR Kamui (female)

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 4


B04-005 SR Touma
B04-013 R Yashiro
B04-031 R Sirius
B04-076 R Say'ri
P04-011 PR Itsuki

Series 5


B05-007 R Alan
B05-017 R Dieck
B05-022 R Shanni (x2)
B05-046 R Juno (x2)

Series 6


B06-064 R+ Zero (Niles) (x3)

B06-012 R Fin
B06-062 R Beruka (x2)
B06-066 R Effie (x2)
P02-009 PRr Kamui (male) & P06-001 PR Eliwood (x2 sets)

Series 7


B07-044 SR Lloyd

B07-056 SR Takumi

B07-041 R+ Jaffar

B07-060 R+ Saizo

B07-017 R Serra (x2)

B07-060 R Saizo (x4)

B07-084 R Shiro (x2)

B07-093 R Sumeragi (x2)
P07-001 PR Chrom with Marth marker card

Series 8


B08-010 R Virion x2

B08-019 R Kellam x2

B08-023 R Maribelle x2

B08-033 R Owain

B08-052 R Seliph x2

B08-059 R Larcei

B08-081 R Ares

B08-084 R Lene

B08-087 R Febail 

B08-096 R Arvis

Thanks for taking a look!

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Hey people!  Looking to sell q couple cards.  Looking for cash only right now.  I'm willing to give people deals if they're buying more than one card.

1xB03-001SR+ General of the Divine Blade, Ike

1xB04-063SR+ Iris of Destiny, Lucina 

3xB04-063SR Iris of Destiny, Lucina 

4xB03-053SR Diva of Dawn, Azura

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Hey guys fairly new to the community so hopefully I don't break any rules soon

Have :

Series 2:


BO2-043R Asugi

BO2-064R Laslow

BO2-066R Peri

BO2-072R Odin

BO2-095R Soleil

Series 4:


BO4-029R Julian

BO4-031R+ Sirius

BO4-031R Sirius

BO4-036SR Minerva

BO4-038R Merric

BO4-045R Hardin

BO4-044SR Hardin

BO4-072SR Cordelia

BO4-070R Gaius

BO4-076R Say'ri

BO4-085R Owain

BO4-087R Inigo

Want List:

All Lucina cards except for B04-064HN 

All Female Robin Cards

B01-084R Cherche

B02-012SR Sakura

B02-054R Azura

B02-053HN Female Corrin (Tournament Pack 2 Promo)

B03-078SR Azura

B04-094SR Severa

B06-072R or R+ Flora

B07-066SR Oboro

B08-002SR Chrom

B08-023R Maribelle

or Paypal


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Hey all~ back again with a list of missing cards I'm looking for~  I don't have much in the way to trade, since all I have are N/HN cards, but have some funds for paypal. Waiting on my box 8 (still) but I'll update this once it comes in~

Series 2: 


B02 001 SR - Kamui 

B02 006 SR - Ryoma

B02 008 SR - Hinoka

B02 010 SR - Takumi

B02 014 R - Saizo

B02 024 R - Oboro

B02 051 SR - Kamui

B02 056 SR - Xander

B02 058 SR - Camilla (x2)

B02 064 R - Laslow

B02 066 R - Peri

B02 080 SR - Jakob

B02 093 R - Forrest

Series 5


B05 004 SR - Lilina

B05 029 SR - Rutger

B05 042 SR - Sophia

B05 048 SR - Narcien

B05 051 SR - Micaiah

B05 073 R - Nilah

B05 086 SR - Sanaki

B05 089 SR - Ike

B05 092 SR - Mia 

Series 7


B07 002 R - Eliwood

B07 004 SR - Hector

B07 007 SR - Lyn

B07 039 SR - Nino

B07 052 SR - Ryoma

B07 054 SR - Hinoka

B07 058 SR - Sakura

B07 066 SR - Oboro

B07 093 R - Sumeragi



Pretty much all of them, I have only a few, from the boxes above.


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Quite new to all this so please excuse my bumbling... UK based if that makes much difference with shipping.

Trying to fill the gaps in my Series 1: Looking to trade, happy to negotiate more then 1 card for something on my want list.



B01-008ST, 012ST, 013ST, 020ST, 036ST, 049ST, 055N, 058N, 067N

B02-009N, 021N, 025N, 036N, 053ST, 055ST, 057ST, 059ST, 061ST, 063ST, 065N, 067ST, 069ST, 073ST, 079ST, 082ST, 088ST

S04-001ST, 002ST, 003ST, 004ST, 005ST, 

Want list:


B01-004 Shiida

B01-009 Abel

B01-011 Draug

B01-016 Ogma

B01-025 Lena

B01-038 Palla

B01-040 Catria

B01-046 Tiki

B01-051 Chrom

B01-068 Sumia

B01-089 Jerome

Basically after all non N's for B01


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Quitting cipher due to lack of interest, selling a lot of deck staples, shipping from the United States. Buyer is responsible for paypal fees if sending through goods and services.
4X B01-078R Nowi $17.00 each
4X B03-051SR Corrin $31.50 each
2X B06-004SR Deirdre $45.00 each Reserved
2X B06-004SR Deirdre $54.00 each Reserved
4X B07-039SR Nino $46.50 each SOLD
4X B04-018SR Marth $22.50 Reserved
4X B02-058SR Camilla $22.50 each
3X B01-004SR Shiida $18.00 each 1 Reserved
1X B01-004SR+ Shiida $22.50 SOLD
1X P05-009PR Corrin $54.00
4X B07-066SR Oboro $10.00 each
2X P01-015PR Robin $14.00 each Reserved?

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for the cards listed below (and pretty much all promos) and I'm willing to buy them for a reasonable price, but I'd prefer to trade. If anyone is still looking for cards with the exception of most R and SR ones, chances are I have them, and I'd be happy to trade or sell them. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL/TRADE

B01-059R - Lissa

B03-095R - Velvet

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

Looking to BUY/TRADE

Booster Set 1
B01-001SR(+) - Marth
B01-004SR(+) - Caeda
B01-022SR(+) - Navarre 
B01-030R(+) - Minerva
B01-042R(+) - Est
B01-050SR - Camus 
B01-051SR(+)    - Chrom
B01-054SR(+) - Lucina 
B01-075SR - Cordelia 
B01-078R - Nowi
B01-080SR(+) - Tharja
B01-082HN - Tharja 
B01-097SP(+)    - Inigo

Booster Set 2
B02-001SR(+) - Corrin (M)
B02-006SR(+) - Ryoma 
B02-008SR - Hinoka 
B02-010SR - Takumi 
B02-024R - Oboro
B02-051SR(+) - Corrin    
B02-058SR - Camilla 
B02-062SR(+) - Elise 
B02-064R - Laslow    
B02-080SR - Jakob
B02-093R(+) - Forrest    

Booster Set 3
B03-001SR(+) - Ike    
B05-004SR - Elincia 
B03-006SR(+)    Vestal of Order, Mist
B03-010SR - Soren 
B03-040R    Warrior of the Gaillian Beast Tribe, Ranulf    
B03-043R    King of Phoenicis, Tibarn            
B05-053SR(+)    Diva of Dawn, Azura        
B03-058SR    Leeward Shinobi, Kaze            
B03-063R    Nightingale Warrior, Shigure        
B03-069R(+)    War Priestess, Mitama        
B03-076SR    Zenith of Ashes, Corrin        
B03-085SR(+)    Boreal Maid, Flora        
B03-086R    Black Dragon Princess, Kana        

Booster Set 4
B04-001SR(+)    The Golden Idol, Tsubasa Oribe    
B04-018SR(+)    Lambent Hero-King, Marth
B04-029R    Pining Pickpocket, Julian    
B04-036SR    Sunset Ruby Princess, Minerva    
B04-045R    Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin    
B04-050HN    Lightning Archer, Yuzu    
B04-051SR(+)    The Right Stuff, Itsuki Aoi    
B04-055R(+)    Cool or Cutesy?, Kiria Kurono    
B04-065SR(+)    Exalted Grandmaster, Robin (Male)    
B04-072SR    Pure Genius, Cordelia    

Booster Set 5
B05-001SR(+)    Inheritor of the Sealed Flame, Roy
B05-004SR(+)    Pretty Leader, Lilina    
B05-024HN    Lycian Linx, Chad    
B05-025R    Child of Anima, Lugh    
B05-038R(+)    Calculating Flower of Ilia, Tate    
B05-042SR    Dragon Blood Inheriting Priestess, Sophia    
B05-054SR(+)    Guardian of Hope, Sothe    
B05-077R    Patriotic War Princess, Nephenee
B05-080R    Eternal Sword of Loyalty, Lucia    
B05-082SR    Lancer General, Geoffrey
B05-084R    Commander of the Holy Guard, Sigrun    
B05-086SR(+)    Begnion Empress, Sanaki    
B05-092SR    Aspiring Lady of the Blades, Mia    

Booster Set 6
B06-004SR(+)    Maiden of Destiny, Deirdre    
B06-008R(+)    The Lionheart, Eldigan    
B06-024SR    Blade Princess of Astra, Ayra
B06-031R(+)    Little Sister of the Lionheart, Raquesis    
B06-033SR    Guiding Wind, Lewyn
B06-040R    Awakened Sniper, Bridget
B06-047SR    Inheritor of the Holy Flame, Arvis
B06-051SR(+)    Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr, Xander
B06-054SR(+)    Beautiful Obsidian Princess, Camilla
B06-058SR(+)    Blooming Flower Princess of Nohr, Elise    
B06-076SR    Savage Feminity, Charlotte
B06-082R    Daybreak Prince, Siegbert    
B06-092R(+)    Corrupt Nohrian King, Garon
B06-097SR    Silent Dragon, Anankos    

Booster Set 7
B07-001SR(+)    Heroic Inheritor of the Blaze, Eliwood
B07-004SR(+)    The Great General, Hector
B07-007SR    Spirited Noblewoman, Lyn    
B07-024R(+)    Modest Flower, Rebecca    
B06-032R    Blade of Love and Revenge, Raven
B07-044SR    The White Wolf, Lloyd    
B07-051SR(+)    Unifier of the Kingdom of Hoshido, Ryoma    
B07-054SR(+)    Courageous Crimson Wings, Hinoka    
B07-066SR    Stunning Spear Maiden, Oboro
B07-068R    The Unyielding Girl, Hana    
B07-072R    The Joker at Hand, Jakob
B07-097SR    Sacred Mystical Dragon, Anankos    

Booster Set 8
B08-001SR(+)    Sacred Sovereign of Hope, Chrom
B08-019R(+)    Invisible Shield, Kellam
B08-026R    Searing Envy, Tharja
B08-028SR    Hero of Rosanne, Cherche
B08-045SR(+)    Wicked Wings, Aversa
B08-051SR(+)    Savior of Light, Seliph    
B08-052R    Scion of Light, Seliph
B08-068R    Aspiring Heroine, Fee
B08-076SR    Astral Sword Sovereign, Shannan
B08-079SR    The Just Master Thief, Patty
B08-084R    Dancer of Darna, Lene
B08-091SR    Aura-Inheriting Dragon Princess, Altena
B08-097SR    Shadow-Bearing Imperial Prince, Julius

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I'm still looking for the same cards from a few months ago. Here's my updated list with the cards that I no longer have removed. I don't currently have much to offer for trade, but I'd be happy to purchase my high priority cards and card sleeves.


Wants List :


Series 7

  • SR Eliwood
  • SR Lyn
  • R+ Kagero
  • R+ Florina
  • R Florina

Series 5

  • SR Ike
  • SR Micaiah (high priority)
  • SR Mia
  • R Kurthnaga (low priority)
  • R Nephenee (low priority)
  • HN Mia x2 (trade only)
  • HN Clarine x2 (trade only)

Series 3

  • SR Mist x4
  • SR Ike x2
  • SR Kaze x4 (highest priority)
  • R Marcia
  • R Ranulf x2
  • R Leanne
  • R Reyson x2
  • R Naesala

Series 2

  • R Asugi x2 (high priority)
  • N Asugi x4
  • Unopened 5 Sleeve Pack Path of Radiance x6 (highest priority) (I really want a set of 50 of these!)
  • Unopened 5 Sleeve Pack Azura x1 (Only one more pack to reach having 50 of these sleeves!)


Trading/Selling List :


Series 7


  • SR Hector
  • R Lucius
  • R Setsuna
  • Almost every NH and N

Series 3

  • SR Azura (Hoshido)
  • SR Corrin (Male)
  • SR Flora
  • SR The Black Knight
  • R Kana (Male) x2
  • R Kana (Female) x2
  • R Nina x2
  • R Velouria
  • R Silas x2
  • R Shigure
  • R Jill
  • R Selkie
  • R Mitama
  • Almost x4 of all HN and N

Series 5


  • SR Sophia
  • SR Sothe
  • R Sigrune
  • R Soren
  • R Fae
  • R Tate
  • R Allen
  • R Juno
  • Most HN and N

Promotional Cards

  • Itsuki P03-002PR (S4 Preview Promo) x2
  • Xander P05-002PR (S6 Preview Promo)
  • Marth P01-003PR (S5 Alternate Art Promo)

I have a few extra sleeves available from the Gaius, Ike, Mist, and 25th anniversary sleeve packs, a full pack of slightly used Tharja sleeves, and a 5 pack of sleeves of Radiant Dawn from set 5 and 8-bit Fates from set 3.

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I'm selling a few old Series 2 cards gathering dust in the corner. Hit me up with a message if you're interested. Shipping is from Australia however, so it might be a bit more expensive than usual and take a while longer than you'd think. Only looking for cash at the moment.

  • B02-001SR - Corrin (Male) (x 5)
  • B02-006SR - Ryoma (x 2)
  • B02-010SR - Takumi (x 2)
  • B02-030SR - Felicia (x 3)
  • B02-051SR - Corrin (Female) (x 1)
  • B02-056SR - Xander (x 3) and B02-056SR+ Xander (x 1)
  • B02-058SR - Camilla (x 4)
  • B02-080SR - Jakob (x 5)

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All cards are now up to date!!!

Instead of organizing by set, I have instead organized everything by game/color. Hopefully this will make finding that particular character you are looking for that much easier!


Shadow Dragon / Gaiden(Echoes) / Mystery of the Emblem  (Red)


B09-021SR+ Claire

B09-021SR Claire x2
B09-025SR Mae

B01-047R Michalis
B04-029R Julian
B04-031R Sirius
B09-010R Tobin 
B09-015R Faye x2
B09-029R Saber
B09-033R Delthea
B09-041R Zeke
B09-046R Berkut x2

Promo / Marker / Starter
Red Starter Marker

B01-003ST+ Marth
B01-036ST+ Linde

Genealogy of the Holy War / Thracia (Yellow)


B06-001SR Sigurd
B08-076SR Shannon
B08-079SR Patty

B06-012R+ Finn
B08-052RX Seliph

B06-008R Eldigan
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn x2
B06-036R Sylvia
B06-038R Erin x2 (on HOLD)
B06-040R Bridget
B08-052R Seliph
B08-059R Larcei
B08-081R Ares x2
B08-084R Lene x2
B08-085R Tinny
B08-096R Old man Arvis

Promo / Marker / Starter
P06-001PR Sigurd x2
P06-003PR Arden
P06-011PR Eldigan
P07-002PR Seliph (on HOLD)

Yellow Starter Marker
Sigurd Marker (B06-002N art)

S08-001ST+ Sigurd
S08-002ST+ Deirdre
S08-003ST+ Quan
S08-004ST Arden
S08-005ST Lex

Binding Blade / Blazing Sword (Purple)


B07-004SR Hector (on HOLD)
B07-010SR Ninian
B07-044SR Lloyd
B09-051SR Al x2
B09-056SR Tiena x2

B05-017R Deick
B05-022R Shanna
B05-025R Lugh
B07-002R Eliwood
B09-062R Kilmar x3
B09-065R Raigh
B09-071R Jemmie x3

Promo / Marker / Starter
P05-008PR Sophia
P06-001PR Eliwood
P07-003PR Athos

Purple Starter Marker

S07-002ST+ Lilina
S07-004ST+ Shanna

Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn (Green)


B05-089SR Ike
B09-076SR Skrimir x2
B09-097SR Jill

B03-036R Jill
B05-057R Edward
B05-073R Nailah
B04-074R Elincia
B05-084R Sigurn
B09-078R Lethe x2
B09-090R Caineghis x2
B09-091R Ike x3
B09-099R Dheginsea x3

Promo / Marker / Starter
P03-003PR Oliver
P03-005PR Ike
P03-014PR Soren

Green Starter Marker

S05-004ST+ Mist

Awakening (Blue)


B08-009SR Frederick

B04-083R+ Morgan (on HOLD)

B01-057R Robin (F)
B01-070R Lon'qu

B01-083R Olivia
B04-076R Say'ri

B08-004R Lucina
B08-010R Virion
B08-019R Kellam
B08-023R Maribelle
B08-026R Tharja
B08-033R Owain x2
B08-048R Grima Robin

Promo / Marker / Starter
P01-005PRr Chrom
P02-004PR Panne
P04-008PR Severa

Blue Starter Marker

S02-004ST+ Miriel

Hoshido (White)


B07-056SR Takumi

B02-024R Oboro

B02-026R Hana
B03-063R Shigure

B07-060R Saizo x2
B07-062R Kagero x2
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-072R Jakob
B97-076R Silas

Promo / Marker / Starter
P02-002PR Corrin (F)
P02-009PRr Corrin (M)

Nohr (Black)


B06-070R+ Felicia

B02-054R Azura
B02-064R Laslow
B02-066R Peri
B02-070R Selena
B02-095R Soleil
B03-083R Silas
B03-091R Nina
B06-064R Niles
B06-066R Effie
B06-070R Felicia x2
B06-072R Flora
B06-096R Gunter

Promo / Marker / Starter
Christmas Camilla Marker
Xander Maker (B02-057N art)

S04-004ST+ Leo

Sleeves / Other


Binding Blade box art sleeves (sealed)
Genealogy box art sleeves (sealed)

Deirdre set 8 box sleeves (sealed)


Wants (willing to buy):

B09-001SR+ Alm
B09-041R+ Zeke (very high priority)
B09-058R+ Lilina
B09-065R+ Raigh
B09-078R+ Lethe (high)

B01-050SR Camus
B04-048SR Nyna
B05-001SR Roy
B08-001SR Exalt Chrom

B01-013HN Gordin
B05-032HN Sue

P08-010PR Celica
P09-003PR Faye
P09-005PR Alm x2
P09-010PR Alm
P09-011PR Celica

Marth Marker (B01-001SR art)
Marth Marker (B01-003HN art)
Marth Marker (starter exclusive art)
Alm Marker (starter exclusive art)
Celica Marker (starter exclusive art)
Chrom Marker (starter exclusive art)
Ike Marker (starter exclusive art)
Roy Marker (starter exclusive art)
Sigurd Marker (starter exclusive art)

Edited by ChibiToastExplosion
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+1 ChibiToastExplosion - professional and communicatieve seller, had a great time buying from chibi and the cards were shipped fast and well protected.

+1 LunartailSteffi - good shipping and great communication.

-2 Originalprof - items have not arrived after 2 months and no replies.

+1 LatiosG - items have arrived in good condition, fast shipping and good communication.


B03 053 SR Azura

B03 062 R Kana

B03 083 R Silas

B03 085 SR Flora

B03 086 R Kana

B03 095 R Velouria


B04 063 SR Lucina (x3)

B04 065 SR Robin (x2)

B04 087 R Inigo (1x)

B01 097 R Inigo (2x)

B04 089 HN Brady (1x)

B04 094 SR Severa (2x)

B04 095 N Severa (2X)

B01 094 HN Severa (1X)

B04 092 R Cynthia (2X)

B04 093 N Cynthia (1X)

B01 054 SR Lucina (2X)

B08 004 R Lucina (2X)

B01 086 HN Henry (2X)

B01 087 N Henry (2X)

B04 084N Morgan F (2X)

B04 076R Say'ri (1X)

B04 077N Say'ri (2X)

Edited by TheBlackKnightRules
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+1 Aquantis - very professional and pleasant to deal with!

+1 LunartailSteffi - fun to trade and talk to, excellent packing!

+1 Ching - happy to deal with you, I hope we can again!

+1 Gonzak - polite, and very understanding with shipping. Thank you!


My trading/selling thread is finally fully updated, so I'd love to keep the business going! 

Trade with Chibi

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