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Fates Birthday Thread!

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Seeing as there's a 'Awakening Birthday Thread,' I'd figure I may as well start this topic, considering the fact that Fates is already out in Japan. So why not!

List of Birthdays:

January 1: Asugi

January 8: Fuga

January 21: Selena

January 24: Arthur

January 31: Nina

February 5: Rinkah

February 7: Subaki

February 17: Nyx

February 19: Felicia & Flora

February 26: Beruka

March 3: Azura

March 13: Forrest

March 19: Elise

March 24: Benny

March 28: Hana

April 1: Rhajat

April 9: Sakura

April 13: Effie

April 19: Kana

April 22: Niles

April 28: Yukimura

May 1: Ryoma

May 4: Charlotte

May 10: Hinata

May 17: Midori

May 20: Setsuna

May 28: Siegbert

June 6: Shigure

June 10: Anna

June 13: Gunter

June 19: Orochi

June 26: Mitama

June 30: Leo

July 4: Kiragi

July 6: Caeldori

July 12: Kaden

July 15: Odin

July 21: Sophie

July 26: Kagero

August 3: Scarlet

August 7: Laslow

August 16: Ignatius

August 18: Hinoka

August 22: Shiro

August 31: Soleil

September 5: Percy

September 8: Azama

September 15: Ophelia

September 19: Hayato

September 27: Hisame

October 2: Kaze & Saizo

October 6: Mozu

October 11: Velouria

October 20: Selkie

October 27: Xander

October 30: Keaton

November 1: Silas

November 7: Reina

November 16: Dwyer

November 28: Oboro

November 30: Camilla

December 3: Jakob

December 14: Takumi

December 21: Shura

December 24: Peri

December 29: Izana

Update: English names

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I'm right between Crimson and Lazward regarding birthdays. Kinda cool considering I can see myself in the both of them. :p Azura shares her birthday with my mom. 3/3 is the eaaasiest date to remember, I swear.

Same, but with Flannel.

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Soleil's birthday is the closest to mine. Not sure how to feel about that. :P: I think it's cute how Flannel and Pieri have birthdays right before Halloween and Christmas respectively. It's interesting how the three 2nd-gen Hoshido expies have birthdays a day before their Awakening counterparts... :huh:

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Xander shares a birthday with my dad, and it's one day before mine.

Also noticed all Hoshido siblings are fire signs except for Ryoma (earth) and all Nohr siblings are water signs except Camilla (fire).

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Oboro's birthday is the same as mine...

This is destiny. This is fate.

I must win her affection!


Man, then tell me, which heart's affection shall I win!?

Camilla or Oboro ...


- Pick Oboro

- Pick Camilla

- ... Just waifu 'em all

Naaah, Azura best waifu ftw!

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