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[FE7] Detect easy/hard mode


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I'm currently working on a hack that starts units with different classes based on the gender of the tactician, Lyn/Eliwood/Hector mode and difficulty.

I asked you guys and found out that you can detect easy/hard mode if you're using the preparations screen (haven't tested it fully yet, but it seemed to work).

But if you don't want to use preparation screens there is a workaround.

Use this code, (I also made an Lua example, it's easier to understand). This code checks for gender as well, if you want that follow the instructions given in this post, otherwise, just delete the IFAF conditions.

Here's how it works:

IFTT checks if it's Lyn/Eliwood Easy Mode

IFEM checks if it's Lyn/Eliwood Hard Mode

So in order to separate Lyn from Eliwood Mode, you simply check if Batta (first boss in Lyn Mode) is dead.

If both IFTT and IFCD eventID Batta is true, then it is Lyn Easy Mode (change eventID, of course).

NOTE: This does not work for Hector Mode, sadly.

There is a high probability that you already knew how to do this. But I'm new to this, so every discovery I make is cool.

Oh, and also, I suck at formatting apparently...

On a side note: I would love an Lua interpreter for Event Assembler. And I would marry you if you made an JSON interpreter for Nightmare.

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