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A story about someone writing a Fire Emblem story...

Glen vs Valter

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Evander's Tale: Chapter 1b

I am a person who loves Fire Emblem and used to really want to make a hack. As it turns out, I didn't have the willpower to ever do it, but I did have the willpower to write a story about someone who did--a 15 year old kid named Evan. I've got a current blog series going on where weekly I release a "chapter" of his Fire Emblem tale. Really, each chapter is an explanation of one of a series of vivid dreams he has about his world and his plot, with his real life--sometimes unfortunately--seeping into the story. This writing is meant to mimic the experience of dreaming--in intense detail, the sort that we don't remember when we wake up--but also to complicate it, and expand it into a full-fledged fantasy tale. And also to enjoy the thrill of and poke a little fun at Fire Emblem games!

The first chapter isn't super Fire Emblem-esque, but later chapters will be, I promise! References, etc. will be on there way. It would mean a lot if you guys would check it out, and of course, any feedback is welcome. I also dig collaboration and collaborative writing, so if anyone is interested in that, hit me up.

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