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Gallade X-treme

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Online name: Gallade X-treme
Real name: James
DoB: 5/18/1996
Favourite FE Game: Fates (mostly Revelation)
Favourite Game (other than FE): Pokemon
Favourite FE Character: Um.......uh............*grabs a coin* OK, so if this lands on heads, it's Lissa, & if it lands on heads, it's Sakura, &..........wait.....
Least Favourite game: ......My Sims DS? I dunno
Sports: Nah
Online friends: ...Do I have to list them all?
Favourite music: Literally anything that is from anime/video games I like
Favourite artist/band: µ's
Favourite song: Oh, some roast SUNNY DAY SONG, some Lost in Thoughts All Alone, a Two divided Rainbow...
Country: USA
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hobbies: Video games & plenty of them
Good Point: Generally loyal
Bad Point: Quickly irritable
Anything else? I literally made an account here just to get the word (of my skill-shop castle) out.

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