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Lunatic Tips and Pairings?

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i'm planning on having a race with one of my friends to see who could beat awakening on lunatic casual, and i decided to play through it again today on normal casual just to get the hang of the game again. any tips for getting through each chapter / pairings? i have a few planned out already.

+spd / -luck f!robin x chrom!inigo

chrom x olivia

ricken x miriel

and that's basically it. looking to get the most out of each kid, really.

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On Lunatic, you will have to rely Frederick to get you through Chapter 1-4 because half (just kidding) most of the enemies will easily two shot your army if you're not careful so you can have access to Outrealm Gate. Even with Frederick, you will have to be careful as Frederick can't tank through every attack especially those with hammer. If encounter those with hammer on those chapters, mostly on Chap. 1 and 3, swap Robin's Bronze Sword over to Frederick so he have a decent chance on avoiding it.

Remember. this is only good if you have DLC because if you do this without DLC, your army will be too weak to face with rest of the chapters with the exception of Frederick. If you want to do this without DLC then I suggest reading Inceptor's guide if I recall correctly.

F!Robin x Chrom!Inigo

Chrom x Olivia

These pairing are pretty good choices from what I heard. If you're not using DLC, then the children of Chrom and Olivia will be really weak as Olivia is not very strong when you get her and trying to get Galeforce will be a pain unless you focus on her. You will not be able to get all the children in that run-through.

Ricken x Miriel

This is the ideal choice in getting a pimp out Laurent with the highest magic in the game beside Ricken!Laurent!Morgan or other Morgan I can't bother to recall of course. Obviously he should be pair up to someone who need a magical partner.

Suggestion ?

Henry x Sumia

If you want to pair Chrom up with somebody other than Sumia, then you have to pick this pairing for Cynthia. Doing Chrom x Olivia or non Sumia wife, kinda lock Sumia with Henry for a decent Cynthia with magic.

​Donnel x Kjelle

​Gaius x Tharja

​Lon'qu x Maribelle

​Gregor x Cherche

​Virion x Cordelia

Stahl x Lissa

​Vaike x Nowi

Libra x ​Panne

Chrom!Inigo!Morgan x Olivia!Lucina

​Virion!Severa x Stahl!Owain

Lon'qu!Brady x Vaike!Nah

​Henry!Cynthia x Ricken!Laurent

Donnel!Kjelle x Gregor!Gerome

​Gaius!Noire x Libra!Yarne

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If you're doing Lunatic difficulty without DLC you won't be able to have every single child character as there isn't enough experience and therefore you will have to choose some characters not to use.

When I played Lunatic I used Asset Defense Flaw Skill however the asset you choose is more your preference of Speed or Defence and the Flaw is usually Luck or Skill.

It's best to pair up your unit with Frederick and level them up as their veteran skill makes them level up very quickly, the water trick is something I found incredibly handy for the prologue.

If you are going to pair up Olivia and Chrom, I suggest making Olivia dance all the way up to level 30 and then reclass into a Dark Flier to get galeforce and then reclass back into a Dancer. I found that Inigo's chapter was incredibly difficult without an avatar logbook rally unit so you may want to watch out for the difficulty of Inigo's chapter, especially for the flying units.

I found that if I had extra money using healing staffs constantly to level up ended up being a good way to level people up and help with the limited experience.

These tips are more for if you don't have DLC but you may find them useful even if you do have DLC.

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Are you doing DLC grinding? This is important, because if you aren't, Robin/Inigo isn't happening.

What I did for my Lunatic/Newcomer run was feed +Def -Skill Robin Prologue using the water trick, then have RobinxFrederick tank C1 on a fort, which then gave me two strong leads to take out C2 (though I admittedly lost pretty much everyone). After that, I paired RobinxChrom and had them tank the entire Plegia arc.

By the time you hit Valm, you want to have Robin's kid(s) up and running. Inigo is terrible for this, since he has one of the hardest Side Stories. Morgan can typically solo his Side Story, given appropriate healing/support. Once you're in Valm, you'll want to Nosfertank. Switch Robin/Morgan/Lucina to Sorcerer and go nuts. This is where Hit Rate +10 starts turning up on every enemy, so you can't Avo-tank as reliably anymore, plus things hit hard. There are other ways, but they require a lot more careful strategising, and since you're racing, quick and dirty is the best option.

After that, just cheese the rest of the game. Feed Chrom (who should be Robin's backup) as many stat boosters as necessary. At Endgame, change Lucina back to a sword class and pair with Morgan. Slap forged Waste on both Robin and Morgan, and have Lucina and Chrom kill Grima with their Dual Strikes *4 each.

If you're grinding, things become even easier. Just grind whoever you want until they're usable and go nuts.

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