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Help with Birthright Optimal Pairings?


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So I'm playing Birthright, and I'm a really indecisive person when it comes to pairings and I could use some help. These are by pairings:

FEmui x Silas
Hayato x Sakura
Orochi x Saizou
Hinoka x Subaki
and here's where the pairings get really indecisive:
Ryouma x Kagerou/Rinkah leaning towards Kagerou on this one but I heard Rinkah is okay
Takumi x Oboro/Hana/Mozu
Hinata x Oboro/Hana/Setsuna
Azama x Bench Felicia/Maybe Setsuna Throwaway pair really but I'm open to suggestions, heard he's actually a physical unit.
Azura x Kaze/Kaden/Jakob
Kaze x Azura/Mozu/Rinkah Heard Mozu makes Midori OP, heard Azura can also do the same broken Miracle thing and makes for a great Shigure, Heard Rinkah helps Kaze a lot with stats or something
Kaden x Hana/Azura/Mozu
And Jakob can die alone.
*sigh* Jakob x Flora Azura, Mozu, Kagero
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In my opinion, let Kaze marry Rinkah. I believe you'll have more utility for them than Midori and Rinkah's growths aren't really that bad on Midori. Trust me Kaze appreciates the pair up bonuses real well.

I usually give Azura to Jakob, the kids do reasonably well, the only bad side is that they have slightly low defense (mostly in the case of Dwyer) and Shigure's pretty neat with rally bot status or general fighting. Dwyer is also pretty swell,but I'd recommend his a physical fighter over a magical one since he's more predisposed to attacking with Azuras crazy str growth.

Hisame is well for me basically the male version of their mother. You reclass him into the mothers base class and he's literally her with all the strengths and weaknesses that come their way. I'd give Hinata to Hana or Setsuna. Just choose who you like better of the two girls as a unit and go from there. Hana emphasizes a high str and skill growth while Setsuna gives him hilarious high growth speed it ain't even funny. He'd pretty much dodge anything.

Takumi X Oboro for the ships and Oboro doesn't mess up any child really so she's a relative safe option for anyone. Also Ryoma X Kageroh makes God Shiro so it's good.

As for Kaden and Azama, I'm not sure. I paired Kaden with Mozu and she did pretty well, just don't give her a speed mother since Selkie is already super fast. Focus on str, def or res mom. As for Azama, I always ended up giving him Effie in Rev but I don't know in Birthright. I gave him Orochi in my Birthright playthrough but unless someone else can make a better list, I'd give him the spare whoever you don't choose from Hinata's two options. Mitama is like her dad in a way, she'll do just like him, although she appreciates some defense, I think.

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"Optimal" depends a lot on what you want. Do you want the kids to be great? Do you want the fathers to be great? Are supports important to you? The answer may differ depending on each case.

RyoumaxKagerou is good to go. Great supports, great Shiro, Ryouma doesn't need handholding. Rinkah is still a good option though

TakumixHana, is really the best option overall. She gives great stats to both Kiragi and Takumi, and is an overall boon to them (supports are cute too). Rinkah is a very good spouse for Takumi, with an excellent pair up and access to Death Blow, and Kiragi will still be decent. Supports are good. Mozu and Oboro are also good choices overall, but I think Mozu isn't as good as Hana stat wise, and Oboro screws Takumi out of a marriage class.

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If you need some help with optimal pairings then you can use (http://soapy4159.github.io/ferevpairings/) and (https://inheritance-planner.herokuapp.com/).

The first link will show you growths rates (on everyone and in every possible classes, not just the kiddos), mods (again, everyone's not just the kiddos'), and pair up bonuses.

While the second link will show you growth rates (but only the kiddos' staring class, their second class, and their other parent class), mods, and hair color (but not the avatar's).

I'm not very good things like this so I don't think I can be much help but hopefully the links will help you in some way.

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