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Calculating Children's Base & Max Stats


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I've been trying to calculate the stats for the children depending on their parents. I've been looking for spreadsheets that do the calculations automatically but the ones that do calculate the Children's Base Stats doesn't seem to work for me. So, at the moment, I'm trying to make my own personal spreadsheet which would (hopefully) contain the Children's Base Stats and Actual Max Stats.

For the Children's Base Stats, I've tried following the formula presented in the website but I'm confused as to what the "N Stats" in the formula mean.

Child’s Level 10 + N stats = Class base stats + [Child’s absolute base stats + (N x Child’s full growth rates)] + {[(Father’s personal stats – C) + (Mother’s personal stats – C)] / 4}

As for the Children's Actual Max Stats, is the formula still the same with the parent characters?

Character's Modifier Stats + Class Maximum Stats

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I think what was meant was the Child Unit's stats at level (10+N). So if you're at a point in the game where the child unit would be level 16, for instance, N=6 in that formula.

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