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I'm Rias Gremory's pawn

Hyoudou Issei

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Wassup... figured it was about time I joined a Fire emblem forum to discuss all things strategies, lore, and waifu wars...

Anyway, not much to say about me... if you haven't guessed already. I'm a huge highschool DXD fan.. among other anime (But... DxD is my favorite, great story, deep lore and world building, cool action, hilarious comedy, hawt fanservice, relatable characters.. original light novels are even better.)

Anyway... since I have a bit of a 'rep' for chewing out the plebs when it comes to most franchises ( Pre-video game Deadpool fans represent) I feel it's my duty to point out I'm a bit of a pleb myself when it comes to this franchise so I can get chewed out myself... First one played was awakening. That said I do plan on playing the originals on virtual console.

So... yeah.. see you all around

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Hi, and welcome

If I may ask, which fire emblem do you plan to play first on virtual console?

(I'm sure there's at least one grammar error in the last sentence)

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Hello and welcome to the forums, OH GOD NO WHY DOES THIS ANIME ALWAYS COME BACK TO HAUNT ME XD, nah I enjoyed it, the backstory is what really piques my interest in it tho, and yea going back to those old games is definetly worth it.

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