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Bug with Feditor - Render Edition. Won't re-open a "tool" section after inserting something/ anything.


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I have this problem with Feditor (both old and new version) where

if I insert a new animation in "Class Animation Manager" or a spell script in "Spell Insertion Manager" in a ROM

quit -> save -> exit the program

the tools lock up the next time i re-open Feditor and try to access those tools with the same modified ROM.

Feditor doesn't freeze, only the used tools don't respond anymore.

Using a fresh ROM has no issues, but as long as i do any slight modifications through these 2 tools

the tools for that ROM are off.

For the class animation i just expanded the Max Index through Feditor options (C9->CA)

and for the spell animation script i just inserted the script on a "nothing" option (0x36).

Also every time i open a new fresh ROM with Feditor, I always firstly save->close->exit and then re-open to do the changes.

Any fix, or am I just using it wrong ?

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If you open an affected ROM, save without doing anything, then close the ROM and reopen, does the problem persist?


The options remain "frozen" no matter what.

Actually, i was about to do an update:

-I checked an "affected" ROM right away after tampering with it in Feditor and the option/tools open normally.

However, the problem kicks in if you ever you open the ROM with Nightmare.

-If you do anything at all with Nightmare (even a single byte change on any module),

Feditor's class and spell tools bug out.

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Whenever you save the ROM in Nightmare, it fiddles with the checksum of the ROM. FEditor thinks the checksum is borked or something (I don't know the specifics) and some of the various editors bug out (Known issue).

Having Nightmare closed and saving the ROM in FEditor is supposed to fix this issue (and has worked for me many times). If that's not working for you, then I'm out of ideas =/

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If I recall correctly, the Render Edition has some problems. I personally only use it for dumping animations.

(if I'm wrong, someone can feel free to correct me)

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