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gba sprite request?


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So im new here, and I plan on making a gba fe hack. Not sure which one yet, probably blazing sword though. Its just in the planning stages, but i had an idea. Im not too great with creating sprites, so if i want something i might as well ask about it here.

Here goes -

Anyone have a gba portrait sprite for Donnel or would be willing to make one? Kind of a dumb request, but hey, i dont care.

(and yeah, im new so i dont know exactly how posting works but i figured i would try)

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I think Sea Lion has one, but dunno if they're about much.

Also, when requesting sprites for projects, most people like to see some kind of proof of concept in advance - just a little something to show you've actually done work on it. Nobody likes to put in time and effort for a project that doesn't get off the ground; especially for free. You might have a little better luck if you look into getting them commissioned.

Additionally, just a pet peeve of mine, but if you don't care about the request, I sure as hell don't either. You want something, you'd better give people a damn good reason to make it for you. Just requesting something out of whim isn't really great marketing by any means. Spriting is a lot of hard and meticulous work, and you're doing the artists on this forum a huge injustice going in and expecting people to just make you things because you have "an idea."

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Hey, I completely understand. I kind of ment that I didnt care if the request sounded dumb, and i just figured I'd ask if anyone had the sprite already. I know how hard spriting is, I've been able to make a few things that are pretty good. I've just never gotten the hang of the portrait art, so I figured I would ask. Thanks for the advice though.

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