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Siegbert's magic healing


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I don't have a problem with this, but I want to know why it happens

I am grinding Siegbert and Forrest supports on boo camp for my conquest PMU run. But, for some reason, after every turn, Siegbert heals 10 HP

He is in pair up with forrest. Siegbert has the skills Gallant, Astra, Shelter, Elbow room, and Defender. Forrest has the skills Fierce counter, resistance +2, Astra, Gentilhomme, and aptitude. None of these have the description that it heals. Forrest is a troubadour and has only healing staves, and Siegbert has the blessed lance equipped along with A javelin, steel lance, killing edge and steel sword.

So my question is, WHY does siegbert heal 10 HP at the beginning of the player phase?

EDIT: I found out that the blessed lance restores HP. This topic can be closed

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