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Looking for feedback on a marriage plan (Revelation)


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So, I've spent a number of weeks now looking at and evaluating my options for my first Lunatic playthrough of Revelation.

Some of what I'm doing is pretty normal (like Sakura!Forrest and Charlotte!Siegbert) but some is, I suspect, comparatively off the wall (like Peri!Ignatius as a Malig Knight). Some of my ideas are pretty fleshed out, but there are also a bunch that aren't. Especially when it comes to marrying the child units or classing the parent units.

Bear in mind that I grind like crazy with my DLC, so a lot of my thought process centers around caps rather than growths. Also, I wanted to get all the kids, if for no other reason than to let this file be a place to have all the logbook skills on the characters.

There are a few things I decided would be requirements for my run:

  • My avatar being a male with Spear Fighter as a talent (because if I had to use a weapon, it'd be polearms for sure.)
  • Nyx!Rhajat to be the most speedy tome user and Orochi!Ophelia to be the most skilled tome user.
  • Kagero!Dwyer and Effie!Mitama existing for massive STR.

While I'm willing to make many changes based on suggestions, I've already started a save file for this, so some things are locked in place. Most notably:

  • Made a Skill Boon and Luck Flaw avatar with spear fighter as the talent
  • Married Felicia and Kaze
  • Married the avatar to Midori (Midori can access Basara for luck, Kana will have +7 Skill, +5 Speed)

I have an some spreadsheets logging my ideas and some relevant numbers that I'll share here because, although it isn't complete. I just want to start getting some other opinions before I get too far along. The notes are more thorough for the child characters, generally, because I've been looking at them more closely (and I wrote those first). It isn't the prettiest thing, but it has a lot of info.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts when I get back to this in a few hours.

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Well, the first thing I would do is maximize your Kana supports as she shares your secondary class Spear Fighter as her A+ support. Mitama can utilize a Kana A+ support, Midori gets the class from you already, Selkie and Velouria can use it as well and they lean towards physical classes already. If you want to maximize Spear fighters, consider either Camilla or Mozu for Velouria and Setsuna or Peri for Selkie. Oboro can go to Tsubaki so that Caeldori can join the spear fighting fun. You'll notice that I haven't used Hana, and that is because the competition for her is pretty fierce. If you favour Velouria or Selkie you would do well to give one of them a Hana, but you will have to upset one of them with being inferior.

As a random recommendation I generally pair Aqua or Hana with Lazlow, mainly because Lazlows mods are kind of awkward to work with and those two ladies mesh with his strengths (and enhance his weaknesses... that juicy negative defense stat).

Shiro can give spear fighter to all of his A+ supports as well. More spears! Consider Camilla for Shiro, because political marriages.

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It's kind of interesting; a lot of what you suggest is stuff I was thinking about already (like Mitama, Setsuna!Selkie, and Velouria as Spear Fighters and pairing Azura with Laslow, for instance.)

I had at some point decided to do Hana!Shiro and Camilla!Velouria, but I will seriously be considering changing some things around there, now that you mention it.

I don't necessarily want to maximize my number of Spear Masters... but I will admit that the thought isn't particularly upsetting. (But variety can be pretty nice, too.)

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Keep in mind Shiro can A+ his bro's (Kiragi, Asugi and Seigbert) for spear fighters and give one of the poor spearless ladies a nice spear. Of those ladies that can't A+ Kana, Shiro can marry either Ophelia, Rhajat or Sophie to get more spears in your army. Of those choices I'd probably recommend giving it to Sophie as she already leans physical. Ophelia can be a Weapon master or A+ Rhajat for Basara and Rhajat can be a Basara without any effort so... more spears... but they aren't masters of them spears.

I've done something similar in my current run but... I've maximized Sword masters. Your playthrough has a direct advantage against mine :\

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