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Serenes Forest paintchat?!

I'm gay dabadeedabada


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  2. 2. Week 1 Theme?

    • Fire Emblem - Fliers
    • Fire Emblem - Original Characters (Tellius)
    • Fire Emblem - Design an Emblem
    • Fire Emblem - Magic
    • Let us submit!

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* If this is disallowed, please just drop this thread off the face of the planet.
Doodle Jams are on Fridays, from 12PM PST until I fall asleep. This week's theme is FE Fliers, which means any character or creature in Fire Emblem that has the means of flying.

Paintchat (Use Java client) *Link has changed
Helpful links (Pastebin)
How to use Java with Chrome

More oekaki help

This paintchat is a persistent room in which users can chat and draw.
It's not chaos, as moderators can be created for the room.
Rules are the same as on SF.

Please be aware that there is an extra plugin you can install for tablet users that greatly improves the experience.

Fire Emblem-themed art is not required, but is encouraged.

What a doodle jam??

It's a jelly for the noodles.

No jk it's a weekly session where we all get together and draw based on a theme. Screenshots will be taken before each canvas bomb and posted below.

Week 1 Doodle Jam Theme: Fire Emblem - Fliers

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