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MrNight's RFV Demo


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I said I was going to get started on RFV early and I'm glad I did because my free time is shirking by the day. So I figure why not release it to get some testing while I do other stuff. The gameplay works and is polished enough to throw it into the field and there is some dialogue to give hints on what is going on. Since this hack is suppose to be multiple chapter based, the focus is tighter as well as not too ambitious to get confusing. So without further ado...

Hack: Rage Emblem

Story: You are a tactician with amnesia, according to your companions, your group just stole the legendary Rage Emblem from an old tomb you are still in. Your job is to navigate the tomb and it's obstacles to escape the guardians that want to add you to the pile of failed treasure hunters.

Patch: RFV Demo



To Do list:

chapter 1

-Add portraits, Midas is already done

-Name changes for enemies and boss

-More fleshed out story for the beginning, midas and ending scenes.

-Change chapter goal

-Add better music

- Typo: "wepon" in midas description

What to Expect:

chapter 1:

- New versions of luck weapons. No more devil reversal but stat trade-offs for more options.

- Beware of Midas

- Surging Rage Mechanic introduction. no longer will mooks just watch you kill their comrades.
- typos, my brain thinks faster than I can spell (T-T)

Will update with later chapters when I make them. (hopefully soon) As always, feel free to be brutally honest.

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