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Hello everybody! I am a huge Fire Emblem fan ever since I played my first Fire Emblem game, Sacred Stones about 10 years ago actually. Despite it being my favorite game series, for the longest time I played it casually and thought there weren't very many Fire Emblem communities online. Though in the past few months I've been lurking around here and I just now am deciding to make an account. I'm really excited about joining this community, looks like a lot of fun!

I have beaten Fire Emblems 2, 3, 7-10, 13 and 14. I'm currently playing through 6 for the first time. It's too bad Roy promotes so late! Oh, and I also really wanna start playing around with all the FE hacks, that'll be good.

Thanks guys, have an awesome day and I really look forward to the future!

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Welcome to the forum! Overall there's plenty of nice and civil discussion- far more than in any of the other FE communities.

And a fellow teenage fan is also welcome.

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Don't worry Dev, you assumed correctly! Mostly I'm just in love with his animations.

Thank you DanMan! I'm totally looking forward to all the discussions with you guys. And yeah, not a lot of people from my school know about Fire Emblem, so it'll be cool to meet people around my age that know about it here!

Can't wait to see you around too Lutz, thanks!

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