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Hi. I'm Xiiexiie, a long-time FE fan ever since I was a kid. Despite being a fan for so many years, I've never actually played a lot of the FE installments. So far, the only series I've finished is Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon and Heroes of Light and Shadow. I don't have the funds to buy a 3DS for Awakening and Fates but I swear to god god, I can't fathom how long I've been craving for the two of those. :<

I hope I enjoy my stay here!

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I hope you find the founds to get your hands on the latest games soon; I think you'll enjoy them greatly, especially since you already seem to like Conquest.

And I'm sure you'll have fun around, just post around and meet some of the people around here.

If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask anyone.

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Welcome to the forums, Xiiexiie.

At the very least you've played more FE games than me, unless you count all 3 paths in Fates as different games, anyway.

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