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Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments - 3v3 Royals and Retainers (Season 1)


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Attention, all NA and EU players!

Hey everyone! I’m Delta, a moderator over at Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments. If you’re wondering what that is, Fire Emblem Fates: Tournaments is a small community of players interested in playing Fire Emblem PvP, with balanced and fair rules to make it more fun to play!

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 is the date where we begin our casual tournament: The 3v3 Royals and Retainers Gimmick Tournament! As implied in the name, this gimmicky tournament has teams consisting of 3 units -- one royal from either Hoshido or Nohr, and their two retainers -- who battle it out to make it to the top!

As this is our first gimmick tournament, casual rules will apply: Units will only be allowed to use classes available to them via Heart Seal, and there will be no forging and no DLC classes/skills allowed. However, with this being a gimmick tournament, we'll have a few gimmick rules as well! This will encourage some more creative team-building and allow everyone to have a great time! We'll reveal said gimmick rules sometime during the week!

Season 1

Various tournaments are played through a season, which all have different rulesets from time to time. There are about two tournaments per month, with 2 weeks in between each one to give players time to breathe and prepare for their next tournament. Playing in these tournaments invites players to the grand Championship Tournament, where we’ll have actual cash prizes/gift cards/eShop cards for the top players!

Here’s the schedule regarding Season 1:

Month 1:
Prize Tourney: 8/13 (ETERNAL) - Qualifier to Championship
Free Tourney: 8/27 (GIMMICK - 3v3 Royals and Retainers)

Month 2:
Prize Tourney: 9/10 (CORE) - Qualifier to Championship
Free Tourney: 9/24 (GIMMICK - 5v5 Capture Units)

Month 3:
Prize Tourney: 10/8 (ETERNAL) - Qualifier to Championship
Prize Tourney: 10/23 (CORE CHAMPIONSHIP) - Payout ($20, $10, $5, $5)


Gimmick tournaments do not give an invitation to the Championship tournament. It's purely for fun! However, by participating in the upcoming Eternal tournaments or Core tournament, you will earn an invitation to the Championship Core Tournament at the end of the season, where there will be cash pay outs depending on your placement! If you place high within these qualifying tournaments, you will also earn byes for the first part of the Championship tournament!

As NA and EU are unable to play together due to region-locking, unfortunately, we have a separate season for EU players too. We would love to have an epic EU season plus an awesome a NA season as well.


The gimmick tournament will start on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 1 PM EST, and team submissions will end on the same day at 11 AM CST. This is to ensure that the moderation team has enough time to check over everyone’s team for legality, and so players have a chance to do some last minute preparations.

After you submit a team, please join our Discord and Reddit page to see all the latest news and updates! We will have our sign-up page along with more specifics, up during the week on our subreddit and Discord chat!

If you’re still a bit confused or want some more information, please check out our informational post and feel free to ask questions! We hope to see you soon!


Please follow and join our:



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