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The Return of BlankMan


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At the urging of a certain someone, I am reviving this game with a new BlankMan base.
The base is free to use for other spriting projects as a blank base. Credit would be appreciated if used; please don't claim it as your own.


For those of you familiar with this: Great! Get started.

For those of you who aren't, the story goes a little like this:

BlankMan lost his parts one day when a digital wind blew by, 0ing and 1ing away his features, clothing, accessories, and even his girlfriend. He, being the smart, albeit faceless man he was, came immediately to seek the help of some spriters (us) to help put him back together.

Help BlankMan by giving him a face with eyes, nose, mouth, and brows, and then dress him up in style. You may splice or custom parts, but you may only add one part at a time. BlankMan is a respectful sprite and hopes no one will edit another spriter's lovingly-donated parts. He also hopes he will look decidedly presentable to his girlfriend when he is finished.

The TL;DR Explanation:

Basically, the game functions very similarly to Mug Medley. However, the difference is that only one part can be added on per turn, and each part added cannot be removed or edited (with exceptions*). Forum rules apply to added content, so please try to keep it appropriate. That being said, have fun.

  • Splice or custom features, clothing, hair, etc. onto the base
  • Only one part may be added at a time.
  • You may not edit or remove anyone else's parts.
  • Please be courteous. Don't cover up too much of the base at a time.
  • Please try not to be obscene. If anyone takes offense to your addition, consider it disqualified.
  • Please save in PNG format to prevent loss of color and quality.

*Exceptions include: overlapping parts (try to keep as much of it visible as possible), palette consolidation

**Claim rules may be added if post ninjas start getting a little too frisky.

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