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Splice Competition 142 - A Novice Magic User


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Bone, 4th-wall Formal Hector (FE7), Isadora, Joshua

Optional Theme: A Novice Magic User


  • The contest theme is optional. The theme is provided as an additional option and is not mandatory.
  • No large "full custom" (made from scratch) areas, parts, or pieces. The final result should be made of and identifiable to areas from the source mugs. If you feel like your entry may be considered "questionable" to others, you are allowed to post work-in-progress screenshots or other visual proof of your process.
  • Only use the given set of mugs; other mugs are not allowed. You may, however, elect to use fewer than the amount of given mugs. (Ex: 4 mugs are given, but you only use 3.)
  • Recommended color limit: 16 (15 on your mug +1 for background). This is rule is flexible, but being cautious with your color count as a general rule of thumb for good pixel art. You are allowed to deviate from the standard FE color choices if you wish to do so, as well.
  • Don't vote for yourself, or I will cry sad tears devoid of mod power. Seriously, if you think none of the other entries are worth a vote, please select the "abstain vote" option.
  • Hosts may enter contests As a public poll is used as the voting platform, hosts receive no benefits or unfair advantages from running the contest.
  • Only 1 entry per member. However, you may edit your entry while the contest is still active. Please edit your first post, or quote the most recent entry you wish you submit for clarification, or the wrong entry may be submitted for voting.

A public poll (users can view voted results) will be put up once the entry period has ended.
Voting consists of 2 categories: 'Best in Theme' (single choice) and 'Favorites' (multiple choice).

'Winner' is the popular vote for 'Best in Theme' and the runners-up are taken from the most popular two from both voting categories. If there is overlap (e.g. 2nd place is the same participant for both categories), a weighted average of the total votes will determine the remaining runner-ups.

The winner of the contest will choose the next theme and a mug, and runners-up will choose the remaining mugs once the theme has been decided. If you have been selected to choose a mug for the next set, please try to limit choices to actual portraits and not shopkeepers, blank/placeholders, or dragon Idoun.

In the past, there has been a lot of conflict surrounding what does and doesn't constitute proper splicing techniques. This is not the venue to repeat that argument (if you're interested in it, please look at old rounds between 50 and 65). Please remember to allow participants the freedom to experiment and find their comfort zone in splicing. Give them votes when you believe they're successful, but do not use their entry as a platform to tell the world what you don't like.
If you have any questions or concerns, please PM the current host.

Deadline: Monday September 5th, 2016

Edited by Lenh
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