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Idea for Awakening playstyle to be more like Fates


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I'm not sure where I should have put this topic, so I put it in Spam so as to not get dinged for it. Hope you enjoy the idea :)

So one of the most popular mechanics in Fates is its unique Support style, where they introduced Stances (Attack Stance when characters are next to each other, and Defense Stance when the character is supporting a unit in the same space as it). Recently, I just started a for-fun Normal Classic file on Awakening to try my idea out. For my file, I made some self-rules for myself to ensure I play it this way.

A) Battle

1) Dual as little as possible, only necessary when a character is near death on a hard chapter or when carrying Healers like Lissa with high-movement characters like Frederick.

2) In order to achieve maximum damage output without straying from Awakening's gameplay, place characters next to each other as much as possible, even if you place the character without attacking. This has the added benefit of increasing Support hearts.

3) If Dual, have the inactive character unequip their weapon if possible. The active character still gets all the Support damage boost, but this ensures the supporting character is in Defensive Stance. I'm not sure yet if unequipping weapons prevents Dual Guard, but I'm fairly certain it shouldn't.

B) Classes/Supports (this is optional, since it's not yet fleshed out how I want)

1) A character can only have 2 class trees (each tree starting from a Tier 1 class like Cavalier or Myrmidon, and having all available Tier 2 classes branching from those (Paladin and Great Knight for the former, Swordmaster and Assassin for the latter), but can also have 2 or 4 additional class trees depending on the classes their S and A ranks are doing). This simulates Heart, Partner, and Friendship Seals. The only exception to this rule is obviously your Avatar, Avatar's wife/husband, and their child(ren). I think this is somewhat moot point since most characters apart from the Avatar can only use 3 class trees, but I'm trying to make this work.

2) Continuing from B1, the children can only use the classes his/her parents "pass down". You can make the rulings on that yourself

3) Unlike in Fates, you don't get unlearned Tier 1 skills by doing Tier 2 classes. In this case, you can go back to a Tier 1 class but only once to get the skills -- and once you have the skills of the Tier 1 class you must Master Seal if possible and never go back to that Tier 1 class.

4) Owain...you should make him primarily Magic in accordance with Fates, and rename your weapons to simulate him having the 'Aching Blood' Personal Skill.

5) If you have not downloaded any DLC, you are only allowed to have 2 units in total equip Galeforce. This accounts for any characters with skills that are DLC-only in Fates but not in Awakening, and should match the number you can get for free.

Anything else I can think of, or anything sane anyone lists because why not make it better than it is, I'll list here as soon as possible. For this challenge I ask that if you do the challenge you at least follow A, since the Bs (save B4/5) aren't fleshed out (though you can do it yourself if you get what I'm trying to do there). B4 is the least optional of these save for B5, but is still optional if you want Owain to be more like Odin; B5 should be manditory but you can do what you want anyhow.

For my playthrough, I'm going to be doing a Xander run. This means that I'm having his boon/bane be Str and Mag respectivelly, and his final class will be Paladin to match Fates. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to mimick him in battle, though the customization options at least do his appearance mostly accurate.

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