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Problems with Map Sprite Editors


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I want to replace FE7's Dancer sprite with FE8's.

Standing Sprites:

When I follow Arch's tutorial for standing sprites, nothing happens. Game doesn't crash, nothing is glitchy, just nothing happens.

Specifically what I did was: Save the FE8 Dancer sprite as a bitmap in GBAGE > import it to my FE7 ROM at DD0410 (this part worked for sure, I can see it in the hex) > Go to FE7 Standing Map Sprite Editor at 0x3F and put 0x8DD0410 for the offset.

I didn't mess with the palette or anything, I didn't even open the file. I just saved it and imported it.

My only guess is that 0x3F is not the value for Dancer but rather something else, but that could be completely wrong.

I should also add that I've tried this for other sprites and other classes, and I just can't seem to get map sprites to work at all. :/ What am I missing here?

Update: Got these to work. Turns out the standing sprite list doesn't correspond to the moving sprite list, so I looked in class editor and found what I needed. That was really confusing though, so maybe someone should update Nightmare with correct labels on Standing Sprite Editor someday.

Moving Sprites:

When I follow Arch's tutorial exactly for moving sprites, it kinda works but it's all glitchy. Here's what happens: https://gyazo.com/a12538ca8bb7386d4e7980ff16ba22e4

So yeah. I am following these tutorials perfectly but it's not working. I have zero knowledge of how GBAGE works so please help me out here.


Some guys on the FEU Discord helped me out and it works now. Basically I needed to use "Another Pointer" in addition to inserting the animation. If anyone else is struggling with this, PM me and I can definitely help you now.

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