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Hey Everyone


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The name, obviously, is Lyko. I'm kind of a writer (been working on my story-telling for quite some time now) and am interested in hacking and making my own game. I am also up to helping anyone with writing if they need it. Have any questions feel free to ask, kind of an open book.

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Welcome to the Forest, Lyko!

I'll ask you the most basic question around here : how did you get into Fire Emblem?

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

Started off at the young age of 6 (I think) when the original Fire Emblem came to the states. Then I learned it wasn't the original, and continued to play every game since (Though admittedly, most of the playthroughs have been in recent years.)

Welcome to the forest, Lyko!

Places online you've found most useful for improving your writing?

Also, what FE's have you played? Which do you think were the best written?

Have fun and enjoy your time on the forest!

Hmmm, nowhere online. Actually, I kinda am self teaching myself to an extent. Of course some schooling was involved, but I just find myself googling for certain terms and whatnot to help myself.

Besides the first two Fire Emblem Games, I have played all of them, thanks mainly to forums like this. I personally feel the best written is a toss up between 7 and the Tellius Series. They both hit me in the feels, especially after the Dread Isle on 7. If I were to go based off of my bias, 7 wins.

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