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I need help with a particular couple of chapters (FE5)


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Hello everyone, I'm currently playing Thracia 776 and I'm at chapter 19.

I also heard that the chapter after this one (chapter 20) is even more difficult.

I would like some advice on how to beat these 2 chapters.

Thank you in advance! :)

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Few questions:

Who's in the lower party who can fight? That had me stuck on 19 for a good while, and does matter before I can give more detail to you. I'd recommend leaving a sword wielding unit with the King Sword if you have it, though Conomore's party will mostly attack at range so that can be harder to deal with. If most of the lower party can fight, send the higher movement units (preferably ones with movement stars) to take the nearest thieves to the northwest out.

But if you're willing to leave your units behind (and have to go through 21x, which I argue is far harder), you can retreat your higher party and escape with half if all the lower party are poor (though I doubt you'll want that lazy solution).

I don't think 20 is a nightmarish as 19 to start, though the units are definitely tougher at the end. Hopefully you have door keys to work with, because the alternative is requiring either the thieves or Tina (or the enemy) to allow you to move about, which matters if you want to get items (like the last scroll, if you're wanting that) in time.

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Well, it's that you have 8 units to do a prison break, with whatever other units to get out as well, so you'll be needing door keys/thieves. There'll also a lot of units, who can be warped in to wherever from certain places. There are some chests too. The boss has Blizzard, so that's not fun.

Oh, and if you take too long powerful dark mages arrive. Have fun.

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