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Anyone have these gecko codes working for Dolphin?

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Hi, I want to know how to make these codes to work on Dolphin Emulator:

$Make all enemies player-controlled

00666C84 00000000
$Chapter Warping [shadowX39]
043CAAC8 00000001
$Quick End Chapter {Win}
003CAFFC 00000004
I know that everyone have the same problem with every code in this game because the codes only works on the 1.00 version of the game but I want to make them work on the 1.01 version. I'm trying to make this since several moths and I'm still working on this but unfortunately, I could not make them work.
If anyone have the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn 1.00 version, much better, send it to me because if I have the 1.00 version, I can finally use all the codes without problems.
I check this topic every day so don't worry if you think that is too late to help me. I only want to recruit Zelgius, Ashera (with maxed stats) and Sephiran.
Edit: I got the PAL version of the game and have the codes working.
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