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More 'epic' style of fire emblem game

Super Potat

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How would people feel about a more 'epic' style of fire emblem game being more grand in scale and having a lot more class trees and diversity in these class such a 3 tiers and perhaps 3 or more options when promoting.
I feel like this game should have a longer story and lots of characters on a whole and should have lots of different 'stories' that it skips between to give most of these characters usage.
Bigger maps and more stuff to do at each time to use 10s of these units at a time on a map.
Would people like this or be against it?
Are there any rom hacks like what a described (other TRPGs on a whole, haven't seen any like fire emblem myself (not counting tear ring saga))?
What ideas would you like to see employed in this style of fe?
Comments on my suggestions and on others below?
Thanks to Jotari's class tree which gave me the idea to start this topic

EDIT: I feel like I didn't make my point clear enough about size. By size I mean having over 100 characters. This might be an epic type of task to take on but they'res so many other games that manage to flesh out diverse amounts of characters and on tv/movies too so if they really put the money behind it it could work.

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I actually think they should do the opposite and try to make a smaller scale story.

I mean, they tried to make a huge conflict with Fates or Radiant Dawn but it fell flat as pancakes.

As for classes, I kinda want a scale back there too, to something more like FE6/7. I feel like the games are getting over-saturated with classes nowadays and that just makes balancing harder. FE6/7 were not balanced or anything, especially 6, but I feel less classes would be easier to handle than many. But that's just me.

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I always did feel like Fire Emblem lacked a little bit of "Epicness" in the design of the map (excluding final bosses of arcs and such).

I would love to see 3 phases like in Radiant Dawn.

The only drawback is skills are going to be everywhere with the multiple class tree, a way to fix this is to A.Remove skills completely or B.Have them be as scrolls like in Radiant Dawn and have them be limited as to where you don't get 10 Astra Scrolls.

3 more options is a very good amount in my opinion and would add diversity the only, issue is there is bound to be the best out of the 3 which I wouldn't mind but would limit diversity.

Story was never Fire Emblem's forte so as long as it is enjoyable and fun I wouldn't mind a short story.

Bigger maps would be great, Genealogy of the holy war had really big maps that stretched out for atleast 2 hours, make it big but make it take like 1 hour to 30 minutes.

I would like to see these things in the style of FE.

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