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Help with a Corrin Quest Playthrough


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Basically, I'm trying to do a playthrough of Conquest with only Corrins as the names suggest. However, due to region locking and other issues, I have not been able to get the avatars of four of the people who I was going to get Corrin from.

I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to make a new file with a specific Corrin and let me recruit that Corrin?

I'd also need you to buy a skill (Of any kind as long as it's not hacked) for the Corrin if you do this.


#1: Name: Logan

Body: F1, Hair: 06, Accessory: 01, Hair Color: 22, Face: 02, Detail: 06

Boon: Strong, Bane: Dull, Reclass: Pegasus Knight

#2: Name: Brianna

Body: F2, Hair: 01, Accessory: 04, Hair Color: 08, Face: 01, Detail: 02

Boon: Sturdy, Bane: Weak, Reclass: Dark Mage

#3: Name: Merth

Body: M1, Hair: 09, Hair Color: 21, Face: 07, Detail: 04

Boon: Sturdy, Bane: Unlucky, Reclass: Doesn't Matter. (He's gonna be a Lodestar)

#4: Matthew

Body: M2, Hair: 09, Hair Color: 17, Face: 04, Detail: 03

Boon: Calm, Bane: Unlucky, Reclass: Knight

That's it. Please comment before you start making one of these if you decide to do it.

After these four are made, I'm willing to take some people's Corrin's if they want.

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