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Neo Fire Emblem


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I was listening to Fire Emblem music while driving to work several months ago.
Then many ideas come up to me, urged me to start a Fire Emblem game.
And now I call this project is "Neo Fire Emblem".
Let me introduce a little.
Platform: Nintendō Super Famicom
Genre: ??? I guess I don't have enough time nor ability to make a TBS game. So currently, I have some ideas described below.
Gameplay: player must seize the castle to win the map. But no enemies on map, except the castle defending boss. All other battles will be encountered randomly like Final Fantasy games.
In battle, we still have parameter like HP, EXP, STR, MGC, DEF... and some skills. Hit, evade no longer exist. Because it depends on player by pressing a sequence of buttons to hit enemy or to evade their attacks.
Also, pressing precious button sequence quickly will trigger critical blow or skills...
This is what I mean:
So each battle will end if the enemy or the player is dead. No "non death" battle exist. Fight to death, what else do you want?
Story: inspired by a tale which was told by Levin to Celice in Fire Emblem 4. You can read it (Japanese) as below.
Progress currently:
+ Text module: completed
+ Battle module: on progress
+ Menu module: not yet
+ Map module: not yet
+ BGM/music: not yet
I don't know when it's finished, because I'm super busy.
I use entire my precious free time to code this game.
Need help
I need help in drawing sprites/avatars. Offcourse I can use ones from other FE games, but I don't want to mess with Nintendō. That's why.
Any homemade avatar/sprite with 16 colors is welcomed.
Sprite size: 32x32 pixels.
Avatar size: 48x64 pixels.
Note that the Snes can display a 256x248 pixels screen.
Currently, the language is Vietnamese. If everything goes well, I'll translate this game to Japanese and English.
I'm not programmer. I had no programming basic when I first joined RHDN. But thanks to the assembly documents here, as well as many helps from kind people here, now I have some 65816 basic. So this is a chance to test my asm skill, and offcourse I need your help to complete this game.
Thank you for reading.
P/s: my Neo Fire Emblem channel here.
What the battle will look like.
NFE will be a button smashing game like this

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A smashing button game?

Well well, this a particularly weird idea to see in a forum like this. But hey, I would like to see this evolve more.

Any Fire Emblem fan game project that isn't a hack needs more attention.

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Thank you. I don't believe in what people call "fate". I believe in self karma. Fate is merely what you created in the past.

So it's unnature to have a 90% hit strike miss, while a 30% strike hit. Hope you understand my feeling missing a blow while I'm 90% and the enemy hit me with his 30%.

So, this game doesn't follow the traditoonal hit and miss. All depend on your karma (your finger).

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I'm pleasantly surprised by the originality and progress on this project, great job! I was worried the removal of the RNG might make it to easy, but the combinations seem to be complex enough. You could always use preexisting characters or recolours as placeholders and try making your own, be patient and people will surely ask to help. :v

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This video shows the Pursuit skill (Tsuigeki). I intent to keep the FE4's battle skill with slightly modification and add some new skills, like counter hit while the enemy is attacking.

There're changes that both player and enemy can do Pursuit if they meet the conditions.

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Please fix the image link.

Most of the people involved in FE hacking are more familiar with FEGBA graphic style than FE4 style, you can see it here.

You can try using some free graphics here in the next demo, I think more people will get interest into this.

If it's meant to be based on the SNES/Super Famicom era why would he use GBAFE sprites?

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Because no one had made any SNES sprites yet?

Before you could impress some artists and make them want to contribute, some demo wouldn't hurt.

Not the point, GBAFE sprites would look out of place with the SNES system.

He gave a demo of the battle system already though.

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I was coding years ago without a real Snes. The rom runs well on emulators. Recently I've bought a real Snes and discovered that my code can't be run on a real hardware.

Now I'm recoding, aiming to run on the real hardware.

Timing on the real one is not an easy task.



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