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Welcome to GTSC here you are given a random character and you have to make a smash bros moveset for that character, and you will be rated on how complete the moveset is. here is the Ranks

  • False (Poor execution. your trophy will be crummy, purple looking)

  • Classic (Completing a Special and Final Smash. Gives you a vintage trophy)

  • Smash (Completing attacks, grabs, and specials. Gives you a fighting-style trophy)

  • Final (Completing above a Smash Trophy. Gives you a trophy showing off their Final Smash).

  • Golden (A nearly impossible feat. If you're this dedicated, then you deserve this. your Trophy is shimmering and golden)



Character Creation Trophy List



  • Do Not Complete  Requirements For CLASSIC


  • Neutral Special
  • Forward Special
  • Up Special
  • Down Special
  • Final Smash


  • Standard Attack Combo (Rapid Attack is optional but requires a Finish Attack)
  • Dash Attack
  • Strong/Tilt Forward
  • Strong/Tilt Up
  • Strong/Tilt Down
  • Smash Forward
  • Smash Up
  • Smash Down
  • Neutral Aerial
  • Forward Aerial
  • Backward Aerial
  • Upward Aerial
  • Downward Aerial
  • Edge Recovery Attack
  • Floor Recovery Attack
  • Grab
  • Pummel
  • Forward Throw
  • Backward Throw
  • Up Throw
  • Down Throw


  • ”Add Names & Damage Percent To All Attacks, including:
    • Grab, All Edge/Ground/Tripped Recovery Attacks, Glide Attack
  • ‘Series Icon
  • ‘Specific Unlocking Method (not # of Matches or Story Mode) & Unlocked Message
  • ‘Description of who they are and their abilities in Smash (Gimmicks included here)
  • ‘Stats – on a scale from 1 – 5/1 – 10, where does this character fit in each category:
    • SIZE – How big the character is relatively
    • POWER – How much damage and KnockBack (KB) they can do normally
    • WEIGHT – How much they can withstand KB
    • JUMP – How much vertical gain they can receive
    • FALL – How quick they drop in the air
    • SPEED – How quick can they move/attack
  • ‘Character Main Design/Pose Image (links permitted)
  • ’11 Additional Colors/Alts/Costumes (not including initial color)
  • ‘Character Selected Animation (similar to N64) and Wii Mote Noise
  • ‘Entrance Animation onto the stage
  • ‘Idle Animation(s) when the character is still
  • ‘Crouching Animation. Crawling is optional
  • ‘Stalking & Walking Animation Tip Toe Animation -> Standard Walking Animation
  • ‘Dashing Animation (includes Stopping and Turning animations)
  • ‘Jumping Animation/Double Jump Animation
    • (Multijumps, Wall Jumps, Wall Clings, and Glide Animations/Glide Attack/Glide Landing Optional)
  • ‘Backwards Jump/Double Backwards Jump Animation
  • ‘Teetering Animation
  • ‘Edge Recovery Animations
    • Holding onto the edge
    • 2nd Edge Recovery Attack (Either Fast/<100% or Slow/100%+)
    • Roll (Fast <100% & Slow 100%+ respectively)
    • Jump (Fast <100% & Slow 100%+ respectively)
    • Climb (Fast <100% & Slow 100%+ respectively)
  • ‘Sleeping Animation
  • ‘Dazed Animation
  • ‘Grab Animations (Standing, Dashing, and Pivot)
  • ‘Shield Animations
    • Going into Shield/Going out of Shield
    • Rolling Forward/Rolling Backwards Animation
    • Spot Dodge Animation
    • Air Dodge Animation
  • ‘Flinch Animation from being hit (Other hit animations optional)
  • ‘Swimming Animations (Floating and Drowning)
  • ‘Footstool Reaction from being jumped on
  • ‘Screen KO Reaction
  • ‘Ground Recovery Animations
    • Laying down (both back and front)
    • 2nd Get-Up Attack (Either Front or Back)
    • Tripped (include tripping animation and recovery attack)
    • Rolling Forwards from Laying Face down,Face up, and Tripped
    • Rolling Backwards from Laying Face down,Face up, and Tripped
    • Standing Up from Laying Face down,Face up, and Tripped
  • Item Animations
    • ‘Battering Weapon Animations… (Does Not Require Names or Percentages)
      • Neutral Attack
      • Dash Attack
      • Forward Strong/Tilt
      • Forward Smash
    • ‘Projectile Weapon Animations
      • Shooting Small Weapon – Ray Guns and Fire Flowers
      • Shooting Medium Weapon – Super Scope
      • Carrying/Aiming Large Weapon – Cracker Launcher
    • ‘Hammer Animation
    • ‘Shrinking/Growing Reactions
    • ‘Spicy Curry Animation
    • ‘Mount Riding Animation – Warp Star/Dragoon
    • ‘Eating Animation
    • ‘Summon Pose (from holding Assist Trophies and Special Flags)
    • Held Item Animations
      • ‘Non-heavy items/containers


        • Carrying Small items
        • Tossing Small Item Animations… (Aerials are relatively the same as their counterparts; Tilt and Smash Throws are exactly the same)
          • Dropping/Over Shoulder
          • Forward Toss
          • Backward Toss
          • Upward Toss
          • Downward Toss
          • Dashing Toss
      • ‘Heavy containers


        • Carrying
        • Tossing Heavy Containers


          • Forward Throw
          • Backward Throw
          • Upward Throw
          • Downward Throw
  • ‘Two Sets of Custom Specials
  • ‘Three Taunts
  • ‘Crowd Cheer
  • ‘Three Victory Animations
  • ‘Defeated Animation
  • ‘Snake Codec Call
  • ‘Palutena’s Guidance
  • ‘Kirby Hat
  • ‘Item for them
  • ‘Stage for them (include 2 pieces of Stage Music)
  • ‘Enemy for them
  • ‘Boss for them
  • ‘Assist or Pokeball Pokemon for them
  • ‘Event Match for them
  • ‘Adventure Stage (Mushroom Kingdom/Under the Temple/Escape from Brinstar)
  • ‘Newcomer Video/Reveal Trailer
  • ‘Trophy (not exactly them) – character description and what it’s from (include trophy design via text or link) & Smash Tour version (what it does and if its Red*Smash/Blue*Board/Green*Item)
  • ‘Smash Tour Hazard – Must be either based on one of your enemies (not bosses) or animated hazard on your stage.
  • ‘Sticker –  stats, size, and image source (link required as well)
  • ‘3 Kinds of Equipment – An Attack/Defense/Speed increase equip based on what they use/wear
  • ‘Victory Fanfare
  • ‘Theme Music (their song, acting as a third song option for the stage and their credit theme)
  • ‘3 Congratulation Screen Pictures (1 of them can be unique as if from Smash 64)

(Generates a new option that others can do for bragging rights; must do an example. )

  • Character Conversations (Fox Transmission style)
  • Character on Character Conversations (Snake Codec style)
  • Specific Character on Character Generations (Kirby hat style)
  • Special Victory Quotes/Animations (Fox Style)
  • New Effects With Animations
  • Character Specific Actions
  • Completely New Animations
  • Etc.

so all you have to do is ask for a character, and make a moveset

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