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So I just started playing this game and I noticed a few things:
Here's my friend code:9992678731
You can get 10 free orbs by linking your nintendo account to your FE Heroes account, just go to others>>Account management>>Link account
You gain 1 energy every 5 min, you have 50 max energy,which means you have to wait  250 min or 4h 10 min to get back to full.
You can greet your friends on your friend list to gain feathers.

Level ups seem predetermined.HOWEVER having twice the same units may result in 2 units with different stats.
Mounted units (like cavaliers or mounted mages) cannot cross forest tiles while infantry can go through forest 1 tile at a time.
There doesn't seem to be any field advantage.
The enemy's team composition is displayed under the name of the chapter/map next to the stars
1-2 Ranged units like mages or thieves are 2 ranged, some skills like close counter or distant counter however allow units to retaliate at any range.
There's no luck or skill stat, your attacks always hit.
Rallies skills like Rally ATK or Rally DEF affects both Physical and Magical units also rally skills target a specific unit.
At the start of the game you actually have 6 heroes:Alfonse,Sharea,Anna,Virion,Matthew and Raigh.
IMPORTANT: if a unit dies on a special map you can choose to continue while using a special item or else it's game over and you have to start all over again.
SP are points that can be used in the allies window, there's a teach aptitude button.
Skills activates after a certain number of attacks have been taken/dealt the required number is displayed in purple below the weapon type or next to the damage while in battle.
If you skipped a tutorial there's a "?" button that displays it back.
Manaketes are defined as "Infantry" meaning poison weapons are effective against them.
Duel Swords regenerate every day .
Feathers are used to promote units.
The max level of a unit is 40.
You can gain crystals when you fight in the training tower for the first time of the day, the crystals you get is based on the difficulty of the level, for instance, the first levels will give you small crystals however higher floors will give you big crystals which can be used to give experience to units which are above level 20.

Here are the aptitudes that can be learned by the 6 first units:Note I'm playng the French version so I don't have the english names but I'm sure someone will post them.
Iron Sword 6 dmg 1 rng (learned)
Steel Sword 8 dmg 1 rng 100 SP
Daylight (learned) heals 30% of the damage dealt to an enemy (activates after 4 actions)
Fatal Blow I gives +2 atk when initiating the battle 50 SP
Fatal Blow II gives +4 atk when initiating the battle Requires Fatal Blow I 50 SP

Iron Lance 6 dmg 1 rng (learned)
Steel Lance 8 dmg 1 rng 100 SP
Rally Atk gives +4 atk to an ally until the next player phase (learned).
Speed +1 Increases the unit's speed by 1 30 SP
Speed +2  Increases the unit's speed by 2 60 SP

Iron Axe 6 dmg 1 rng (learned)
Steel Axe 8 dmg 1 rng 100 SP
Night Sky (learned) The unit deals 50% more damage (activates after 4 actions)
"Encens Res 1" gives res+2 to nearby allies DOES NOT apply to self 50 SP
"Encens Res 2" gives res+3 to nearby allies DOES NOT apply to self  Requires "Encens Res 1" 100 SP

Iron Bow 4 dmg 2 rng (learned)
Steel Bow 6 dmg 2 rng 100 SP
Speed Seal 1 lowers target's speed by 3 after battle 40 SP
Speed Seal 2 lowers target's speed by 5 after battle 80 SP

Iron Dagger 3 dmg 2 rng (learned)
Steel Dagger 5 dmg 2 rng 100 SP
Speed Impulse 1 gives spd+2 to nearby units for 1 turn 50 SP
Speed Impulse 2 gives spd+3 to nearby units for 1 turn Requires Speed Impulse I 100 SP

Flux 4 dmg 2 rng
Ruin 6 dmg 2 rng
Resistance Seal 1 lowers target's res by 3 after battle 40 SP
Resistance Seal 2 lowers target's res by 5 after battle 80 SP


1)Current Energy
2)Owned Orbs
3)Owned Feathers
4)Current Duel Swords
5)Billboard: Displays updates and added characters.
6)Owl:Messages, you'll probably have 1 at the begining with 2 orbs.
7)Bottom left statue: Friend List to know your friend code just touch the magnifying glass.
8)Bottom right statue: Quests, someone will proably put them up or I will.
Note:If you complete all the Normal monthly quests you gain access to the hard and lunatic quests.
Top right castle with a "+"  shortcut to Fortify castle (explained below).
Top left speaker icon disables/enables the game's sound.
If one of your units has some hearts above it's head it means you'll get something from talking with them.
Note:The unit at the very bottom is one of your friend's it can sometime have hearts on top of it so interact with them to get feathers.

1)Special Maps:Event maps IMPORTANT, these are LIMITED and can be played for a limited time for instance today's map is featuring sophia from FE 6 and ends in 11 hours.
You'll get the featured unit if you manage to win.It's rarity (number of stars) depends on the difficulty beaten, Normal gives a 1* unit, Hard gives a 2* unit.
Where you'll find most of your story/alternate story maps.
"PvP" you'll use your duel swords which can be seen next to your energy to fight against a player's team controlled by the AI. There are 3 difficulties: Novice,intermediate and Veteran which dictate how strong the enemy team is.Novice is 2 level below your average unit level,intermediate is around the same level,veteran is 2 levels higher than your average unit level.
At the end of the week, you'll recieve an amount of feathers based on your arena score:
1~200:100 feathers
201~400:200 feathers
401~600:300 feathers
601~800:400 feathers
801~1000:500 feathers
1001~1200:600 feathers
1201~1400:700 feathers
1401~1600:800 feathers
1601~1800:900 feathers
1801~2000:1000 feathers
2001~2200:1100 feathers
2201~2400:1200 feathers
2401~2600:1300 feathers
2601~2800:1400 feathers
2801~3000:1500 feathers
3001~         :1600 feathers
Fights that give you stones that can be used to upgrade your units and other things fallen units won't die but won't get experience either.
5)???: who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.
1)Manage Teams:Allows you to create up to 5 teams of 4 characters.
Your base character capacity is 200  
2)Teach aptitudes:Where you can use the character's SP to learn skills.
3)Asign aptitudes:use energy to assign skills to characters.
4)Experience gain:Use stones to give EXP to your units.
5)Release hero: You can release heroes here to free up your roster.
Note:You CAN'T release plot characters like Alfonse,Sharena and Anna.
6)Advanced Training:Allows you to promote or fuse units.
Spend 5 orbs to summon heroes from a certain focus.
When you summon, 5 randomly colored gems are shown they represent the element of your summon (red,blue,green or grey)
Red is for Sword,Red Magic,Red Breath
Blue is for Lances,Blue Magic,Blue Breath
Green is for Axes,Green Magic,Green Breath
Grey is for Staff,Shuriken,Bow 
You can choose whichever you want but there's a cost reduction that applies the more you summon:
1rst draw cost:5 orbs
2nd draw cost:4 orbs
3rd draw cost:4 orbs
4th draw cost:4 orbs
5th draw cost:3 orbs

For a total cost of 20 orbs for 5 units instead of 25.
Note: 5* Units have a special summoning cutscene which can be viewed anytime in the cutscene section.

Shop:Buy orbs with real money
Fortify castle bonuses that you can get using orbs.
Restore Energy use Elexirs to fully restore your energy.
Regain duel swords use Symbols to fully restore your duel swords (used in the arena).
Increase barracks size use 1 orb to increase your roster size by 5.
Inventory: allows you to check your gained items.
Parameters:Various options
Account management:Allows you to link your nintendo account to your Fire Emblem Heroes 
Cutscenes:Watch cutscenes duh.
Game Center:(TF2 Medic quote "I have no idea")

This should be about it for what I found.
Feel free to add anything you found/confirmed.






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14 minutes ago, Shadow Stalker X said:

One detail you have incorrect. If you lose any units at all during the Special Maps, it's an automatic loss.

Is this confirmed to be in all special maps? I kind of assumed it's unique for Sophia's maps

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Takumi has a skill that functions similar to Point Blank wherein he can counter at any range he's attacked from.  Costs 300 SP to buy it.

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12 hours ago, Thany said:

i learned that any unit can die in the training tower, and you can still do the chapter without the unit.


True, in fact units can die in the training maps, arena maps and story maps without giving you a game over, however they won't keep the experience they earned.

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