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Rex Glacies

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I'll try to make this brief.

We have a cat, and about one year ago she got fleas for the first time. We've done numerous things- giving her flea baths, brushing her, and when they start infesting the carpets and rugs, we've "bombed" the house with flea bombs.

Unfortunately, they're resistant little buggers (pardon the pun).

So, I have no idea. I'm not willing to invest 100+ dollars into getting rid of them, as our cat is quite old and I'm not the type of person to spoil my pets. But the fleas are surviving the bug bombs and have become far too numerous in our house. (There's been at least 10 still living in the carpet jumping onto anything that moves not long after using a bug bomb.)

So, what are your experiences with fleas on pets and in the house? Recommendations? Plans of attack?

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Zero, because I take proper care of my dog. :D

Seriously though, I have no idea what to suggest if carpet bombing is not working. Fleas are tough to get rid of because they're very mobile, and they're annoying to deal with because they also feed on human blood. During his time with me, my dog has never had any problem with fleas, as the products I use work very well on him. In fact, it's been almost a year since he last had any sort of medical condition.

At this point I'd try more serious pest control measures, the kind of which you have to take when dealing with cockroaches and other pests like those. This is no longer only your cat's problem, as the fleas have taken over your home and they can bite everyone there.

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Once had this same problem one summer. Fleas on all three cats and the dog, kept coming back even after our own bug bomb, so when I realized that hadn't worked (fun times since I was alone for a week and had to deal with it myself), I did some quick research and realized the eggs were the issue. Flea eggs are apparently quite hardy and can survive bug bombs, so that's how they kept coming back. What I did that worked was quarantine the pets, throw out a lot of the old blankets/scratching posts/other perches our pets used frequently, and spray down parts of the house myself. Also did a lot of vacuuming to try and get any eggs out of our rugs, which might have been easier for me to do than it would be for you since outside of these rugs we have exclusively hardwood and tile floors. We then got each of them flea collars, which was expensive to do for all four but is doable for a single pet.

I can't remember if we did a follow up bug bomb but I don't think we did. I know we had to backyard sprayed more thoroughly because of the dog, but I'm not sure if you need to do any outside treatment since I don't know if your cat is indoors only or not.

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I had a flea problem once and it turned out that over time fleas become more resilient and immune to treatments so the product I was buying was effectively useless. I changed what I was using, and it seems to have worked thus far. Luckily it wasn't that bad and we only had a few fleas so it wasn't really an issue getting rid of them. Maybe you could try a stronger/different product on your carpets?

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