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Hello, everyone!


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Hi, everyone!
My name is Layla and I just joined this forum. I've been a lurker here since SoV had been announced and I've played Fire Emblem since 2014. Fire Emblem Awakening is my first game. I was looking for new games for my 3DS and since I've heard of Fire Emblem before I thought I might play FE13! Turned out I had a lot of fun and I've been hooked since ever since! 

Right now I'm trying to beat the older games, namely FE7, FE8, FE11 and FE12. Once I beat these games I plan on playing FE4! I have heard so many things about Geneology of the Holy War and I want to try playing it myself. I also started playing FE2 but I stopped in favor of FE15 but I also want to go and finish it as well! So far I only beat the 3DS games but I hope I can at least finish the GBA games soon. 

My current favorite game is Shadows of Valentia but I also enjoy Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones very much!
Nice to meet you, everyone! 

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1 hour ago, Res said:

Hi and welcome! You have a great choice of avatar there. ;)

I'm also trying to beat the older games. I actually have Genealogy of the Holy War next on my list!

That's great! I hope I can play it soon! :) 

1 hour ago, Carter said:

Hey, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay at the forest!

I agree, Lukas is so hot

Lukas is awesome, haha! :)

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