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Highest Damage Without Criticals

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So, like a nugget, I previously necroposted, but for the sake of discussion I think it's worth reposting/starting a new thread.

The aim here is to find out what the highest damage, besides getting a critical, is. 

What I've been thinking is a character wielding either the Zweihander or Rhomphaia would be good candidates to achieve max damage, due to Tiger Stance and Dragon Haze respectively. Zweihander has 13mt when fully forged, compared to Rhomphaia's 11mt, so I decided to go and look in that direction. From what I believe, Sonya has the highest Attack+Skill total, when maxed out (41+42=83). 83 + 13mt + 5 (extra from Tiger Stance) = 101 damage. Quite respectable, but we can go further. 

Delthea has the highest Attack+Speed total (43+41=84). Reclassing her into Pegasus Knight, and then into Falcon Knight, will give her Banish, giving +10 attack when against terrors.
Checking the wiki, the lowest base defence a terror has is 1 (Revenant or Entombed as far as I'm aware) - granted I am unsure if one can actually encounter a terror with 1 def in game. At any rate, with this set up, Delthea can do: 84 + 11mt + 5  + 10 = 110... -1 = 109.

So that's what I reckon the highest damage output, without a crit is on this game, though I'd love if there was a way to hit 120 without critting. 

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