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Hi there!


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Hi everyone!

Fire Emblem has been my main jam since 2012 and I've enjoyed looking back in time at all the incredible moments and characters which have been created by this amazing group of games. 

Yes, Corrin is my main and always will be :) I'm not going to argue with you all about her characterisation in Fates because they really didn't do as well as they could have with her, I understand that. But her design is just simply incredible, and the fan art which exists of her is also stunning. So yeah, she is my main Waifu, however Celica and Lyn can't be ignored!

Heroes is something I have played since the day it released and still remains one of my favourite mobile applications.

Really interested in Roleplay. I've done a bunch of it before on social media platforms but as I've been lurking I'm extremely intrigued about the different ways they occur here. The process in creating OCs is going to happen over the next few weeks!

Hope we can all have some great discussions about the games we all love!

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