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Can You See These? (Zaman's Sprite Gallery)


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First time splicing, recolouring, and generally messing about. First attempt below.
I'm sure this post'll be edited as I come out with more stuff. Any critiques are appreciated! 


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Gallery Update!
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Interesting set of mugs you have here.

-I think the 1st one could use a neck.It looks like he doesn't have one at all and looks weird as a result.

-the right eye looks a little off. Maybe adjusting it one up would help? Also, I think the collar is a bit long and big.

-Not sure what to say about the 3rd one. I like that one quite a lot. Maybe the nose ring could use some light colors to help it stand out.

-The 4th one looks pretty good as well. Really like his expression. Are the 2 sides of the collar trims supposed to be different colors?

-The 5th one looks pretty good over all.

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My current works in progress!

1st line Started as a thief kinda dude, but I'm actually thinking a magic guy of some sort!
2nd Line: Marcus Face went with Harken's head and made a kind of fun mentor dude. Colours aren't set in stone, though... 
More to come, mia famiglia!

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