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Dreemeh [NinoFag]

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Look at what i found, a base for Dreemeh's troops!

I shall deploy a mountain of troops to hail Nino!"


Oho, just doing this introduction thing right here.

(Before anything, take the "NinoFag" part by the silly way, i'm not some Faye-like thing or whatever.)

So, pretty much your generic-bread and butter-everyday FE player which you should already get Nino is my favorite. Funny because my favorite FE is Sacred Stones.

I guess what i'll do is probably about FEH and some of the drawings i make, nothing really special, but i do my best. (What an use, oh-ho-ho!)

Hope i can stay here for a long while, too. Really wanted to try out new websites and the stuff.

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Welcome to the Forest, Dreemeh!

1 minute ago, Dreemeh [NinoFag] said:

Just replying to see at least one, oh-ho!

Double posting is against the code of conduct but since it's your introduction post there is no problem with it.

11 hours ago, Dreemeh [NinoFag] said:

Hope i can stay here for a long while, too.

Heck, if you're in FE since FE7 you're probably here for a long ride.

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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