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Optimal pairings and builds for my kids?

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I have completed my Revelations pairings and would now like to know which of my kids should be paired with one another or if some should just be completely left out to be a solo galeforce assassins. Your suggestions should have a reason behind the pairings along with the build the pairings should be (i.e: A nohrian trust build, dodge build, galeforce taker build, go wild with your imagination because there are probably plenty other builds out there). Also would appreciate if you went into depth and gave me the whole skillset rather than just name a build as i'm not that experienced in this in the first place. Without further ado, here is the list of kids I need help pairing and optimizing: (I'll also be leaving the class/es that i'll be making each of my kids but feel free to suggest a different class if you feel necessary) 

  1. Elise!Ophelia - Witch
  2. Orochi!Rhajat - Witch
  3. Oboro!Sophie - Paladin or Hero
  4. Rinkah!Caeldori - General, Great knight or Falcon Knight (Has S rank with Ignatius)
  5. Setsuna!Dywer - Master ninja (Has A+ rank with Asugi)
  6. Nina!Kana - Witch
  7. Kaze!Shigure - Swordsmaster or Master Ninja (If I want him as a Swordsmaster I need to make him A+ with Hisame)
  8. Selena!Hisame - Master of Arms, Hero or Blacksmith
  9. Felicia!Forrest - Strategist or Sorc
  10. Charlotte!Siegbert - Berserker, Hero or Paladin
  11. Hinoka!Mitama - Dread Fighter
  12. Camilla!Velouria - Wolfssenger
  13. Nyx!Nina - Adventurer or Onmyoji
  14. Mozu!Kiragi - Sniper or Kinshi knight
  15. Effie!Percy - Hero, Wyvern Lord or Berserker
  16. Beruka!Ignatius - General
  17. Azura!Midori - Master Ninja
  18. Kagero!Shiro - Spear Master
  19. Peri!Soleil - Paladin or Hero
  20. Hana!Selkie - Nine-Tails
  21. Sakura!Asugi - Dark Falcon
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