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Anyone else have this problem with their copy of RD?


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...So I still have my old Gen 1 Wii and my old copies of PoR + RD, and I still play them sometimes.

Recently I tried playing RD again.

And there's a problem: Whenever I try to promote Aran from soldier to halberdier, the game crashes and goes to an [error] screen. 

Never had this problem before, and other than that the game is still running smoothly. All other promotions appear to still work as intended. 

Is this a known bug?

Is there a way to fix this? (i've tried skipping the promotion animation--game still crashes)

Is this just a thing that happens when old games get old and the CD's start to ware out??? 


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Do you maybe have a scratched or dusty disc? Ive had crashes in some games because of unclean/old discs rather than it just not running. If not maybe if wii is the problem you could try it out on a wii u or a friends wii. Atleast then you will find the problem if it works on someone elses console.

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I had to rebuy the game after it got scratches out of still being in my Wii as I transported it. For me it was Micaiah's 3rd tier promo that crashed the game(making the thing impossible to complete), and a couple combat animations as well, though I no longer remember which. Everything else worked fine, though.

So yes, scratches are the first thing that comes to mind here.

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