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Yeah, it's one of my favourite games together with volleyball and football. I got interest for golf several years ago when I was an adult and I still think that this game is really only for adults, well I've never met teens who really liked this game 😄
I became interested in golf because of one of my friends who's a real fan of it, I decided to try it too and started to learn how to play on special courses. And during that time I really liked this game and I still continue to practise and play it, I can say that now I'm a really good amateur player.
However I don't think that my achievement is really so great because I'm still not a golf pro and besides it's possible in fact for many people to learn to play it well, it just demands patience and practice like in any other type of sport. Being the good golf player is based on three main things, developing a right posture (it should be always stable and well-balanced), holding different types of clubs (there are many of them and you need to get adjusted to every type) and making swings/hitting balls (it's a key thing for any golf game). And for newbies it's always better to start learning the basics with a teaching pro and much of regular practice https://golfclubguru.net/the-best-list-of-golf-tips-for-beginners/ .

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